Eight Situations, Where Neighbors Get Involve In Our Daily Life




In olden days, when a person passes by, every other person starts a bit conversation. Every person used to bother about other person and stood for their difficult times.

With modernization, people started migrating to cities and now even villages started turning to towns. And these days, people hardly find time to speak with neighbors.

To share little things like vegetables, curd and to take our courier when we go for vacation etc.. we need good neighbors. And of course, it’s not easy all the time. But whoever be it, they will always remain our 'frenemies' and it is even more in apartments.

Here are the 8 situations where neighbors get involve in our daily life.


1. Well, Who Can Stop Kids’ Tumult?


Without kids, any function is incomplete. They pass their energetic vibrations to adults with their tumult. Especially the apartment kids makes too much noise and parents receive many complaints from neighbors like your kid broke the headlight of our car or banged the door continuously. And when they play cricket, there the real movie starts.


2. …But Neighbors Do Take Care When You're Sick


Even they scold for kids’ tumult, they do offer help when their neighbors have poor health condition. Several times, we receive such help from our neighbors.


3. When Your Neighbor Has A Party At Home….


It is the best time for a get together where whole colony meets. Variety of dishes, office chitchat, politics and more importantly TV serials discussion, what’s not!


4. The Tasty Food


When my parents are not in home, my neighbors share their food with me. If you have a good rapport, your food will be taken care when your parents are not in home, when they forgot to prepare food in some office work. And occasions time, no need to say: isn’t it?


5. The Mocker


Well, everyone would have experienced the mocker neighbor who is interested in whatever you buy and brings to home right from the home appliances, dresses till new vehicles. Didn’t you experience?


6. …But that shows they look up to you


Well, doesn’t it feel good when someone praises your selection of dresses, vehicles and the dishes you made?


7. Irritating Ones Who Constantly Come Over…


There are some neighbors who constantly come into your house and mocks every now and then. It feels so disgusting when neighbors enter house without asking permission or banging the door. They ask about intrusive questions, gives unsolicited advice. Isn’t it irritating?


8. …But They Make Life Fun!

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It gives a sad feeling when a neighbor suddenly stops talking who makes constant interference, and the gossips they inevitably bring with them.


Did you experience any of these neighbors? Share your awesome experiences with us. Tag your best neighbors.

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