WaterProof Vs Water Resistant; This Is How You Can Read IP Ratings In Gadgets

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Nowadays almost everyone has cellphones with them. Every day new smartphones get launched. With new technology emerges, the competition in the cellphone market is very huge. Many brands have started making waterproof and water resistant smartphones with different IP Ratings mentioned in those gadgets. But, few of us don’t know what is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant and how to read IP Ratings. Let us see how to read IP Ratings in gadgets.


IP Ratings

IP Ratings

IP International Protection Rating sometimes also called as Ingress Protection Ratings and it consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) based in Geneva, Switzerland has decided the scale for the products. Products are certified by this IP along with the digits. Let us take an example like you might see IP36 written, in this, number ‘3’ tell us about the dust resistance of the product. Mostly this number usually scales between 1 to 7. The second number ‘6’ tell us about how much the product is waterproof. This number usually scales between  1 to 9.  When companies mention the product is waterproof than the number is put after IPX.


Types Of IP Ratings

IP Ratings

1. IPX1

This means if the direct droplets of water continue falling on the gadget for ten minutes, even then it will do the work.


2. IPX2

IPX2 means even if the drops of water continuously drop for 15 minutes from the 15-degree angle on the gadget, this will also work.


3. IPX3

IPX3 means the gadget will still work even if you spray the water from the 60-degree angle for five minutes.


4. IPX4

IPX4 means even if water has thrown from any angle for 5 minutes, then also, the product will continue working and will not have the fault.


5. IPX5

IPX5 indicates even if every three gallons of water is thrown from any angle on the gadget, it will not stop working and the product will not be damaged.


6. IPX6

The product will continue to work even if the water has been dropped from the nozzle of 12.5 mm for three minutes. All ratings above are waterproof.


7. IPX7

This rating suggests that even if your gadget is submerged in one meter of water for half an hour, it will still be worth the work.


8. IPX8

This rating suggests that if a product falls in the river, swimming pool, pond or well more than a meter depth, then also it will not be bad.

IP Ratings

But even though these ratings are certified, but still a few things you need to remember is if the water is salty or have chemicals inside, then there are chances that product may get spoiled. Never put any gadgets on the charge if they are not dry and are wet. Don’t use soda, shampoo, and conditioners on the gadgets. This may damage the earbuds of waterproof.

How many of us were aware of these ratings, Share this with your friends and let them know about this information. Check out the list of old mobile phones from the past which will take you to a trip of nostalgia. Check out the new technologies of the future which will make you feel that the future is now.

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