Three-Legged Dog Rescues An Unwanted Baby Who Was Buried By 15-Year Old Mom

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When there is a talk about loyalty, the first thing which comes to anyone’s mind is not humans, but it is a four-leggie creature Dog. Dogs are humans best friends and they have proved this many times. We have heard the story of a dog saving his owner. But today we will tell you an incredible story of a three-legged dog named Ping-Pong saved a baby who was cruelly buried by his 15-year old mother.

Three-Legged Dog
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It was an incident which took place in the Korat’s Ban Nong Khan village of Thailand where a dog name Ping-Pong found a baby buried alive. According to The World News Online, Ping-Pong started barking loudly and digging a field with all his three legs. The owner of Ping Pong, USA Nisaika K noticed the actions of Ping-Pong and quickly reached to the place and found baby’s leg.  The baby was found alive and weighed 2.3 kgs.

The owner USA told that three-legged dog Ping-Pong lost his one leg after being hit by a car. Despite this, he proved to be the rescuer of the baby who was rushed to the hospital for the treatment.

This story spread like a fire in the village and this incident made Ping-Pong the Hero of the village. Ping-Pong owner told that

I kept him because he’s so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go to the fields to tend to my cattle. He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing.

Police told that they have arrested the mother and charged her with attempted murder and child abandonment.

Ping-Pong sets an example that not all heroes wear caps and he is surely one of them.

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