Watch Horrifying Video: Tree Chopped In Malappuram Kerala, Leaves Hundreds Of Birds Dead

Humanity Does Not Exist These Days

Hundreds Of Birds Dead Malappuram Keralavia

Every species play an essential role in maintaining the ecosystem. However, humans, who consider themselves the most intelligent species, kill humanity daily. Every day we read and hear about the importance of trees. However, deforestation is happening owing to house construction, road building, and many more. Recently, a heartbreaking video is going viral on the internet in which hundreds of birds die because of tree cutting. The video is from the Malappuram area of Kerala, where the JCB driver chopped the tree, killing hundreds of birds.


Hundreds Of Birds Dead

Birds Die In Malappuram Kerala

In the video, we see that the tree has been chopped, and hundreds of birds fly out of the tree as they become homeless. Many birds fall to their deaths as they might be small and even not learned to fly. Some of them were crushed to death under the branches of the tree. The video will shake you from within when you will see the sight of hundreds of deceased birds.

According to the reports, the tree was chopped to expand the national highway. It is learned that the JCB driver had chopped the tree without the permission of the concerned authorities. He was arrested later. IFS officer Praveen Kaswan shared the video and wrote, “Everybody need a house. How cruel we can become”.

Netizens were furious after watching the video and expressed their rage on social media. One user wrote, “Terrible! How heartless we are….to destroy their home in such a manner!”. Another user wrote, “Slowly, one day humanity will not exist💔” A third user wrote, “Every worm, insect, bird, and animal is working for the ecological well-being of the planet. Only humans who claim to be the most intelligent species are not doing that.”

The video is really heartbreaking. The video proves that humans should no longer be called human, as our humanity is already dead.

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