Everything That You Need To Know About INS Vikrant

Things You Should Know About INS Vikrant

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On Friday, September 2, a significant step toward strengthening India’s defense forces was taken. INS Vikrant, the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier, was commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This occurs at a time when competition is heating up throughout the Indo-Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It’s because of their strategic importance. Several nations, including China and the United States, have increased their naval capabilities. They are doing it to gain more influence in the coastal area. According to PM Modi, the warship was another step by India toward becoming a prosperous country. The administration has long sought to make the nation’s defense sector independent.


About INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant

With cutting-edge amenities, INS Vikrant is a “city on the move.” Here is all the information you require on the INS Vikrant. The 262-meter-long carrier INS Vikrant has a total displacement of close to 45,000 tonnes, according to the Indian Navy. Greater in size and sophistication than its predecessor. The largest ship ever constructed in India’s maritime history is the Vikrant. Its size is equivalent to two football fields. The hangar where the aircraft will be there has enough space for two Olympic swimming pools.

INS Vikrant, which has 18 floors and is also a floating city, has 14 decks and 2,300 compartments. It can hold about 1,500 sea warriors. In addition, around 10,000 chapatis are made in the ship’s galley, which serves as the kitchen, to meet the demand for food. According to Vice Admiral Hampiholi, INS Vikrant carries a combination of roughly 30 Kamov-31 and MIG-29K fighter jets. In addition to locally produced Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) and Light Combat Aircraft, it also has MH-60R multi-role helicopters.


History Of The Air Carrier

INS Vikrant

INS Vikrant, the second aircraft carrier in the Indian Navy’s present fleet, gets its name in honor of the Navy’s crown jewel from 1961 until 1997. It follows the $2.33 billion induction of the 44,500-ton INS Vikramaditya from Russia. In December 2011, the warship was out of its dry dock, and its launch date was in 2013. On August 4, the ship’s sea trial began off the coast of Kochi. Even though INS Vikrant was commissioned on Friday, it won’t be ready for deployment for at least another 15 months. India now has two aircraft carriers, ten destroyers, twelve frigates, and twenty corvettes in its fleet.


The Commissioning Ceremony

INS Vikrant

PM Modi gave the plane its official commission into the Indian Navy at the Cochin Shipyard in Kerala’s Kochi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, and Governor Arif Mohammad Khan all witnessed this. The new Naval Ensign was also made public by Modi during the ceremony as a symbol of India having “shed its colonial history.”

According to the PM, Indian Naval flags still held a symbol of slavery. A new one that got its motivation from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has since taken its place. He added that INS Vikrant would boost national morale and improve the nation’s standing abroad. According to PM Modi, the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific regions’ security issues are not good historically. The government, though, was now giving it primary importance.

It is India’s first aircraft carrier, which also played a significant role in the 1971 war with Pakistan. One notable improvement for the Indian Navy is the addition of INS Vikrant. As a result, the nation can now increase its maritime presence and deploy an aircraft carrier along its eastern and western seaboard.

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