Watch Video: Swiggy Delivery Agent Steals Nike Shoes From Gurgaon Flat; Swiggy Responds

Swiggy Delivery Agent Caught Stealing Nike Shoes in Viral Video

Swiggy Agent Stealing Nike Shoes

In a shocking incident caught on record, a Swiggy delivery associate was found stealing a pair of Nike shoes from outside a flat in Gurgaon on April 9. The incident became a viral sensation after a user shared the recording via social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter).


Caught On Camera

The recording film shows the delivery associate climbing the steps to the doorstep and ringing the doorbell. After the delivery of the request, he seems to look around cautiously prior to removing his headscarf and again climbing the steps. Minutes after the scene, he gets back to the doorstep, quickly gets and steals the Nike shoes. Later covers them in his head scarf before leaving the scene.


Client’s Reaction And Swiggy Response

The video that was recorded was shared by a client to Swiggy’s attention. The stolen shoes belonged to his friend residing in Gurgaon. The client reached Swiggy about the incident, provoking a response from the company. Swiggy answered the client’s tweet, requesting more insights and details regarding the incident through direct messages. Notwithstanding, the client later updated that Swiggy informed him they couldn’t track the delivery associate and encouraged him to file a formal complaint or contact their legal team.


Public Outcry And Accountability Of Swiggy

The incident has started to amaze citizens, with many expressing worry over the security of delivery guys and the responsibility of delivery staff. A few clients have requested more strict measures from companies like Swiggy to guarantee the well-being of clients’ personal belongings during deliveries.


Swiggy’s Statement

Swiggy Cake

Swiggy, in light of the incident, underlined its obligation to keep up with the highest standards of delivery integrity. They urged clients to report any such incidents and guaranteed that appropriate actions would be taken to address the matter. The video keeps on flowing on social media and the web. Therefore, it fills in as a sign of the significance of guaranteeing responsibility and straightforwardness in delivery services. Thus, clients are encouraged to stay careful and report any doubtful behavior during deliveries to the concerned authorities. Also, Swiggy’s reaction to this occurrence will, without a doubt, be closely checked by public and industry observers.

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