These 9 Food Delivery Services Failed In India After The Popularity Of Swiggy And Zomato

Food Delivery Services Failed In India

As technology advances, people now look for a mobile app to complete any task. Additionally, it covers everything from making grocery purchases to making online bill payments. In major cities, there are a lot of young professionals, making it difficult for people to find much time to cook food. As a result, food ordering apps have arisen, making the job far too simple. The following list of food delivery services fell short in the face of fierce competition from Zomato and Swiggy.


1. Yumist


In the year 2014, Alok Jain and Abhimanyu Maheshwari established Yumist. Yumist was also seeking a homemade meal delivery system for others who share their passion. The startup had its headquarters in Gurugram. With prices starting at INR 100, it offered its services through Zomato and Swiggy. The food technology business was also succeeding in its field.

Additionally, it was with the convenience of having meals at one’s door with the quality of homemade food. However, the business was shut down in 2017. The main cause of this was the inability to raise money.


2. UberEats Food Delivery Services


An online platform for ordering and delivering food was Uber Eats. Additionally, Uber introduced it in 2014. Food is supplied by couriers that travel by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or foot. By 2021, it was running in more than 6,000 cities across 45 nations. Moreover, every day, Uber worked with several restaurants to bring meals to its customers in the areas where Uber Eats were available. In contrast, Zomato purchased it in 2020 for $300–$350 million. Additionally, it was a stock-only transaction.


3. TastyKhana


Two businessmen from Pune founded TastyKhana in 2008 after realizing the need for a website where people might order meals. Moving on, in 2014, it was purchased by FoodPanda, a meal delivery service backed by Rocket Internet. Users can use the search engine to enter their location information and then go through the eateries around to order food. Additionally, the business asserts that it has relationships with 9000+ restaurants in India and that it serves 7 cities.


4. Amazon Food

Amazon Food

Within two years of its launch, Amazon India discontinued its food delivery service in 2022. The restaurant partners also stated that the volume’s contribution to the entire market was not even in the double digits.


5. Food Panda Food Delivery Services

Food Panda

Delivery Hero, a company established in Berlin, owns the online food and grocery delivery service known as Food Panda. With its headquarters in Singapore, Food Panda also serves as the primary brand for Delivery Hero in Asia. With operations in 12 markets across Asia, it was the biggest food and grocery delivery platform in the region outside of China. Furthermore, Food Panda was purchased by Ola in 2017 for about $30 million. Moreover, the company invested $200 million in Food Panda but ultimately had losses. Ola then shut down Food Panda in 2019.


6. TinyOwl


The food business TinyOwl was present in Mumbai. Furthermore, Runnr and TinyOwl teamed up to create an on-demand food delivery app that guarantees nothing less than a magical experience. Despite backing from popular investors, TinyOwl is one of several meal delivery businesses in India that had operational issues. The high cost of logistics and the oversaturated market are also problems. It shut down its operations in 2016 despite receiving $23 million from Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, and Nexus Venture Partners.


7. Just Eat

Just Eat

The Just Eat website, present in the Netherlands, offers online food ordering and delivery services. In addition, Just Eat was established in 2001 as a separate business. It was a bridge between clients and independent takeaway restaurants. Customers may also use the site to find nearby takeout restaurants, place orders, and make payments online. Additionally, in 2015, the online meal delivery service Food Panda purchased Just Eat India.


8. Scootsy Food Delivery Services


An intra-city discovery and delivery platform is Scootsy which provides top-notch delivery services and memorable consumer experiences. Additionally, it gives customers a list of eateries, grocery stores, boutiques, and gift shops to improve and simplify their lives. Customers using Scootsy can also pre-order their meal or present and select a day and period. However, Swiggy shut down its platform for the delivery of fine cuisine in 2020. It was to incorporate the processes within the Swiggy app.


9. Ola Cafe

Ola Cafe

Ola Café delivers the best cuisine, hand-selected exclusively for you from the area’s best eateries. When it first came out, it was fairly popular. However, in 2016, the ride-hailing service Ola shut down its food delivery division. Furthermore, it had just been one year since its launch in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Food Apps in India are rapidly gaining popularity among users due to the abundance of young audiences in numerous places. Additionally, there are many options available to people today. It will be possible to compare and pay for offers from online food ordering applications among the accessible apps.

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