Watch Video: Police Chase In SUV Inside Hospital Emergency Ward To Arrest Man Who Molested AIIMS Doctor

Police Chase In SUV Inside Hospital Ward

In a video caught on camera right out of an action film, police drove an SUV straight into AIIMS-Rishikesh’s hospital emergency ward to arrest Satish Kumar, a nursing officer accused of molesting a female doctor. The shocking incident was caught in a viral video. This has ignited shock and debate among the hospital’s staff.


High-Speed Arrest Inside

On May 19, chaos erupted at AIIMS-Rishikesh as the police stormed into the jam-packed emergency ward. Patients on beds were moved aside by security personnel to make space for the speeding SUV. Inside the car, a few policemen are seen prepared to arrest Kumar, who hails from Rajasthan. Thus the police action was incited by serious allegations against Kumar, including molestation and sending a disgusting SMS to Dr. Vadini.


Outrage Among Medical Staff

The incident lighted an influx of outrage among the medical doctors and nurses. They organized a strike and protested outside the Dean’s office, requesting Kumar’s immediate dismissal. “Mere suspension is not enough for what he did” expressed Medical Superintendent Sanjiv Kumar Mittal. Therefore the hospital administration quickly answered by suspending Kumar and requesting higher authorities to terminate his employment.


Police Take Action Amid Protest

As tensions heightened, a video surfaced showing a group of police surrounded by angry doctors as they escorted Kumar into the SUV. Rishikesh police Shankar Singh Bisht confirmed the details of the molestation and the obscene SMS. Thus the medical staff’s protest highlighted the seriousness of the situation, pushing the police to act swiftly.


Hospital Operations Continue

Despite the strike by both senior and junior doctors, emergency services and most of the hospital’s operating theatres stayed functional. Mittal assured that a formal letter was sent off to authorities, allowing Kumar 72 hours to explain his actions. Therefore the hospital community stands united, requesting justice and stricter measures against such wrongdoing. Also, this sensational and exceptional police arrest in the hospital is a dire requirement for justice as well as exhibits the outrageous act to which authorities will go to safeguard the dignity and safety of medical professionals.

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