Pune Porsche Crash: Teen And Father Claims Family Driver Responsible; Fought With Driver For Keys

Pune Porsche Crash Update

In a twist seen in the recent Pune Porsche Crash, a 17-year-old from Pune is making the headlines after a terrible accident driving a Porsche. The incident, which killed two lives, has taken an emotional turn with the teen and his friends claiming that their family’s driver was behind the wheel. The teen first claimed that the driver was responsible for driving which was then backed by friends claiming the same. Minor’s father also said the same but later the revelation has a lot to say.


The Fateful Night

Pune Porsche Accident

The luxury car crash that occurred in Pune, left two innocent bikers dead. The Porsche, a car of luxury, transformed into an instrument of tragedy. In the car, there was the teen child of real estate developer Vishal Agarwal and his two friends. But all of the three now claim that the family driver was driving at the hour of the accident.


Driver Or Teen? The Conflicting Claims

At first, the family driver admitted to being in the driver’s seat. In any case, skepticism poses a potential threat ahead as the teen along with his friends, claims that the driver was responsible. Vishal Agarwal, is also supported by his son’s claims. Also upholds the story that his employed driver was in charge of the Porsche that evening when the accident occurred.


Lawful Drama Unfurls

Porsche Car Accident

The situation started to get intriguing when a Pune court revoked the bail of the 17-year-old, ordering his transfer to a juvenile court. The legal battle is on with full intensity, with the police re-questioning the driver to reveal the reality. The driver, in his initial statement, had confessed to driving the car that night. However, will he keep up with his remarks under the strict investigation?


A Family Under Investigation

Adding more interest to the accident case, the police are currently questioning Surendra Agarwal, the minor’s grandfather. They are in a mood to reveal more about the minor and the father duo and their conversation on the accident day. As the scene is under strict investigation, Vishal Agarwal’s mobile phone has also been recovered. Apart from that attempts are made to work to extract the details that could be pivotal to the unfurling case.


New Revelations

New details have surfaced now, adding more layers to the case. Pune Police uncovers that the teenager had recently passed his Class 12 board exam and went out to celebrate with two friends. Believing his grandson, Surendra Agarwal handed over the car keys and a credit card for party expenses. That night, the minor drove the Porsche from their bungalow in Vadgaon Sherry to Koji Pub and later to Block Club, with the driver and other staff members following in a separate car. At the pub, the teenager and his friends racked up a bill of Rs 48,000. Witnesses reported that the minor appeared drunk when he left the Block Club.


The Fatal Accident

Despite his condition, he insisted on driving. The driver, worried for safety, at first drove the car however gave over the wheel after talking with the minor’s father. The dad instructed the driver to sit next to his son, resulting in a tragic sequence of incidents. The minor’s excessive speed made the Porsche crash with a bike, killing two individuals on the spot.


The Road Ahead For Pune Porsche Crash

As the investigation proceeds, Pune watches eagerly. The real estate world is buzzing, and the public is stuck to this genuine drama, pondering who will at last be held responsible. Will the truth rise out of this tangled web of claims and allegations? The truth will surface at some point soon in this accidental case that has everybody talking about it.

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