Watch Video: Man Fatally Crushes Brother Through Tractor In Pursuit Of Land

In a horrifying event, two families in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, got into a fight over a plot of land, and the brother of one of the victims violently crushed him to death.

Man Fatally Crushes Brother

In a horrifying event, two families in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, got into a fight over a plot of land. As a result, the brother of one of the victims violently crushed him to death. Police provided information stating that the accused, Damodar, is suspected of driving the tractor on his brother Nirpat back and forth eight times. Continue reading to know more.


A Horrifying Battle In Pursuit Of Land

Content Warning: Disturbing Content Inside, Viewer Discretion Advised

The event occurred during a legal battle between the families of Bahadur Singh and Atar Singh regarding a plot of land in Bharatpur. The family of Bahadur Singh arrived at the contested land on a tractor on Tuesday morning. The relatives of Athar Singh arrived later.

Shortly after arriving at the location, two families got into a fight and began hitting one other with sticks and stones. The villagers reported hearing gunfire as well.


The Police Comments

“We got information about a clash between two groups belonging to the Gurjar community in village Adda. When police reached the spot, it was found that during this fight, a man came under a moving tractor and died. The tractor driver is being identified. Other injured in this incident have been admitted to the hospital. Three days ago, there was a clash between these two groups,” ASP Bayana, Bharatpur district, said

Nirpat, one of Atar Singh’s kids, was run over by his brother eight times with the tractor till he passed away, according to the police. Damodar is said to have slain his brother violently on the spot. Furthermore, he refused to stop even when other family members broke up the argument.

About ten persons, according to the police, were hurt during the altercations. They, however, are now receiving medical attention at a hospital. Four persons have been held for interrogation, and a complaint has been filed, according to the police.


What The Politicians Have To Say

When the ruling Congress in Rajasthan came under fire from the BJP over the gruesome incident, the situation took a political turn. “Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has to project she has the spine and the gall to visit Bharatpur, to visit the place where this gruesome incident, this gruesome murder took place only a while ago, and the video which has gone viral across the country and beyond is heartwrenching,” BJP’s Sambit Patra said in a harsh attack on the politician. Priyanka Vadra is being called.

“A video from Bayana, in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, has gone viral showing the murder of Nirpat by tractor overrun… This concerns not just one homicide but the entirety of Rajasthan and other states administered by the Congress party. Today, Priyanka Vadra is traveling to Rajasthan. I insist that she go to that village before speaking at the gathering. She ought to go there and suspend the DM, SP, and police officers to demonstrate that she is more than just a mouthpiece and sloganeer. She should also prove that she has the guts to make a stance and needs to show that she is a strong person. I’m calling Priyanka Vadra. “I dare her to visit there initially,” declared Sambit Patra.

What do you have to say about this incident? Do you think that greed will be the end of humanity and brotherhood? Make sure to share your opinions with us!

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