Watch Video: Kolkata’s Famous Chhangani Club Kachori Owner Engages In Verbal Confrontation With Customer

Chhangani Club Kachori Owner Abusing Customer

In the heart of Kolkata‘s bustling Bara Bazar market, Lali Chhangani is renowned for his distinctive Chhangani Club Kachori. Recently, Chhangani Club Kachori owner found himself at the center of a viral storm due to an altercation and verbal abuse to customer captured on video.


The Viral Video Of Chhangani Club Kachori

A video, circulating since March 4, captures Lali Chhangani berating a customer. The customer had raised concerns about shop hygiene during the incident. This altercation occurred while Chhangani was preparing his famed kachori. The kachori is traditionally served in a leafy bowl, accompanied by bhujia, potato curry, and a sprinkle of Indian spices.


Online Uproar

The video went viral and triggered a wave of reactions. Social media users labeled Chhangani as the “most unhygienic Kachori wala in India.” Some defended him, accusing food bloggers of using the incident for views.


Community Perspectives On Chhangani Club Kachori

Opinions on hygiene and patronage diverged in the comments section. Some criticized the vendor, emphasizing the need for cleanliness. Others defended customers’ right to make their own choices. The debate extended to the role of vloggers, questioning their motives in showcasing such incidents.


Chhangani Club Kachori’s Unique Offering

Nestled in Kolkata’s iconic Bara Bazar, Chhangani Club Kachori earns acclaim for its deep-fried delicacy. The eatery serves this distinctive dish in a leafy bowl, setting it at an affordable Rs 40. The kachori, filled with Bhujiya and flavorful potato curry, provides patrons with a unique and memorable culinary experience. The vendor’s dedication to a unique presentation adds to the allure of this beloved street food.

  As the controversy surrounding ‘Chhangani Club Kachori’ unfolds, it highlights the delicate balance between culinary delights and customer service in Kolkata’s vibrant food scene. The incident serves as a reminder of the power of social media to shape public perceptions and the ongoing dialogue about hygiene standards in the local culinary landscape.

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