Chakshu: India’s New Platform To Report Fraudulent Calls And Texts

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Recognizing the urgency to shield citizens from fraudulent calls and texts, India introduces its digital guardian – Chakshu. This innovative platform is a robust defense against faceless criminals exploiting technology for financial theft and compromising security. Let’s explore Chakshu’s core functionalities, collaborative initiatives, and its transformative impact on fortifying India’s digital landscape.


A Shield Against Faceless Cybercrime

Chakshu Portal

India’s groundbreaking initiative, Chakshu, empowers citizens to combat tech-savvy fraudsters. It enhances protection against monetary losses and simplifies reporting, triggering real-time intelligence-sharing among stakeholders. This bold move signifies a significant leap in the nation’s commitment to securing its digital realm.


Chakshu Core Functionality

Chakshu revolutionizes fraud reporting, allowing citizens to flag deceitful calls and texts. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw affirms its capability for re-verification and immediate disconnection, reinforcing the nation’s defense against cybercriminals impersonating bank or government officials. This user-friendly approach is poised to empower citizens and fortify the collective digital shield.


TRAI’s Role And Future Plans

AI Driven Voice scams

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommends default caller identification to fortify individual defenses against fraudsters. Vaishnaw discloses TRAI’s ongoing efforts to develop a Chakshu app. This fosters potential collaborations with private entities like Truecaller to bolster fraud protection. The government’s open-mindedness towards partnerships underscores its commitment to a united front against digital threats.


Chakshu’s Role As An Information Exchange Hub

Not yet accessible to individuals, Chakshu serves as a crucial information exchange hub linking telecom companies, law enforcement, financial institutions, social media platforms, and identity document authorities. It compiles data on telecom resource misuse. Also, it introduces a redressal platform for grievances, preventing inadvertent disconnections and facilitating money return. The platform’s multifaceted role ensures comprehensive protection, addressing immediate and systemic concerns.


From Sanchar Saathi To Chakshu

Chakshu builds upon the success of Sanchar Saathi, which was initiated last year for lost mobile tracking and identity theft reporting. This dynamic platform, having traced 700,000 phones and thwarted 6.7 million suspicious communications, exemplifies the government’s commitment to proactive cybersecurity measures. It also contributes to saving individuals a significant ₹1,000 crore in potential losses. The exponential growth in success metrics underscores the platform’s effectiveness in safeguarding citizens’ digital lives.

Chakshu emerges as India’s digital shield against fraud, ushering in a new era of collaboration, real-time response, and enhanced protection. This proactive approach, coupled with the continual evolution of digital defense strategies, tackles existing challenges and paves the way for a more secure and resilient digital landscape in the country.

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