Watch Video: Find Out What Happened When Rhinos Passed Through Lions At The Forest?

Rhino vs Lion

There are countless animal videos on the internet, but wildlife clips stand out because viewers enjoy watching them for a glimpse into what goes on in the jungle. Many myths are dispelled in these videos, including the notion that lions and tigers always rule the forests and that hunting is a permanent activity. This behavior is excellently illustrated in a recent viral video. Two enormous lions can be seen in the video lying down in the middle of a sidewalk. The lions move away as two rhinos approach them, but they appear disturbed as they do so. Continue reading to know more.


Watch The Video

The two rhinos can be seen in the footage strolling slowly through what appears to be a jungle along a walkway. The lions, who were lazily resting in the center of the pathway, rise as they approach and turn to face the approaching animals. The film has stirred controversy: some say lions are scared of rhinos, while others counter that animals in the wild respect one another’s space and prefer to live in peace rather than get into pointless fights.

IFS officer Susanta Das posted the video, saying, “Neither the tiger nor the lions are the monarchs of the jungle… Every scenario is different,”

Notably, IFS Nada is quite active on social media and frequently shares fascinating nature films with his fans. In a previous film, he showed footage of a tiger and a bear playingfully, meeting one other on a safari. They then dissipated into the wild, surprising viewers.


The Netizens React

The video has had many views since it was posted, and those figures are still rising. Additionally, the post received hundreds of retweets and likes. Even more, people poured into the comments area to express their opinions.

“Looks like seniority respect, they’re young lions,” wrote someone. A second person said, “To be fair, it was nap time.” A third person said, “The monarch simply preferred a stroll across the park. Nothing further. “Who’s recording this? Indeed, a very close encounter said a fourth. One more wrote, “Go away, O lions, the real king has come.”

Who do you think is the real ‘king’ of the jungle? Make sure to share your opinions with us in the comment section below. We await your response!

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