Tragic: 14-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Rabies, A Month After Dog Bite; Owner Booked

Boy Dies With Rabies

On 4 September 2023, a 14-year-old boy from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, died of rabies. The boy’s name was Shahvaz, and he was a student in class 8. He was bitten by a dog a month ago and didn’t let his parents know about the bite out of fear. However, the virus went undetected, and he scummed to it. The incident ended up taking the boy’s life. Continue reading to know more about the incident.


What Happened With Shahvaz?

Shahvaz died on Monday evening when he was being brought back to Ghaziabad from Bulandshahr. He was taken there for further treatment. A disturbing video went viral where Shahvaz was seen struggling to breathe and crying while sitting beside his father in an ambulance outside a hospital.

Further, more shocking news is being circulated. It’s said that the boy was bitten by a dog owned by his neighbor’s dog. It was of Pomeranian breed and bitten the boy one-and-a-half months ago. Moreover, the boy started behaving abnormally since 1 September. Moreover, there was a noticeable change in his eating behavior. So, the family realized that something was wrong with the young boy.

Upon questioning, the boy revealed that a neighbor’s dog bit him. Listening to this, the family rushed to a nearby hospital in Ghaziabad. The hospital referred them to a hospital in Delhi’s Patel Nagar. From there, they were sent to GTB Hospital in Shahdara and later to Safdarjung Hospital. However, the family was told that it was too late and his condition could not improve because of rabies.


Family’s Reaction

Rabies Dog

Following the death, the family alleged that their neighbor, Sunita, owns 6-7 dogs. None of the dogs are vaccinated and are left to roam around freely. Moreover, the dogs have attacked and bitten other children, too, in the past. Following the death, an FIR has been registered in Vijay Nagar Police Station. Under the Indian Penal Code section 289 (negligent conduct with respect to animals) and 304a (causing death by negligence).

Furthermore, last year, the Ghaziabad administration tightened the rules for pet ownership. Aggressive breeds like Pitbull and Rottweiler were banned. Pets’ registration and vaccination were also made mandatory.

The neglectful behavior by the pet owner and fear of the boy turned out to take his life. Shahvaz had to give up on his life after suffering from rabies. The tragic incident shook the residents and made them question the concept of pet dogs. Our thoughts and prayers are with the boy’s family. May God give them the strength to overcome such an unbearable loss. Om Shanti !!!

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