Watch Video: Brawl Breaks Out During A Game Between San Francisco 49ers And Denver Broncos

San Francisco 49ers And The Denver Broncos Fight

When a large brawl broke out between fans in the stands during the San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos preseason game, chaos ensued in the frames between the fans. One of the fans was knocked unconscious as a result of the incident. Continue reading to know more about the story.


What Had Happened?

San Francisco 49ers And The Denver Broncos

A fight between fans at Levi’s Stadium broke out when the 49ers and Broncos faced off on the field. While it is uncommon to witness supporters of the same side engage in a violent altercation, this happened on Saturday and resulted in a knockout.

The primary fight between the supporters of the same team continued after the brawl broke out, and he was soon moved aside. Before any blows were exchanged on Saturday night, there was a lot of pushing, yelling, and uncertainty. The battle got messy quickly. A man was seen in several close-up pictures with blood dripping from his mouth and heavy red drips all over his white t-shirt.


Watch The Video

It’s unclear what initially sparked the altercation, which involved at least five people. Others in the crowd can be seen in video footage that has since gone viral attempting to break up the fight shortly after it begins, and they are nearly successful.

A man sporting a Jerry Rice jersey started striking a man with a white t-shirt. Throughout the struggle, he was observed striking his face multiple times till one of the strikes eventually knocked the man unconscious. It knocked the guy back into a chair. He stood up as soon as the fight was over and things had settled down, attempting not to pass out from blood on his mouth and clothes.

The man found it difficult to climb the stairs, so the employees assisted him in getting out of the stands. There have been no reports of any arrests related to the altercation on Saturday nor of any police complaints regarding it.


Defeat For The Broncos

On Saturday, the 49ers defeated the Broncos 21–20. Online supporters praised 49ers quarterback Trey Lance’s performance. His three straight scoring drives culminated in the game-winning field goal that gave the 49ers their first preseason victory. On 12 of 18 passes, Lance finished with a game-high 173 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. Lance received a passer rating of 93.0 in the end.

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