Sunil Chhetri Announces His Retirement: India’s Football Legend To Play His Final Match On June 6

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Indian football tycoon Sunil Chhetri has decided to take retirement and put his boots on hold. The captain will play his last match for India on June 6, against Kuwait, in the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier. Sunil has given a lot to the Indian Football scenario, his recent news of retirement has left the fans concerned about his decision. Therefore this also marks the terrific end of an amazing noteworthy two-decade career in football for India.


A Stellar Career Ends

Sunil Chhetri, aged 39, recently announced his retirement news via a social media platform. He announced the decision with a heartfelt video that is going viral. Also considering his 19-year long journey, he expresses a mix of responsibility, pressure, and immense joy. “I never focused on my stats, but recently, as I decided to retire, it felt strange” he admitted. “Every training session, I just want to enjoy. The game against Kuwait is crucial, but it feels less pressuring knowing it’s my last.”


Sunil Chhetri’s Milestones And Accomplishments

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India needs a win against Kuwait to advance in the qualifiers. Currently, they are second in Group A with four points, trailing behind Qatar. Sunil Chhetri with his utmost experience also mentioned the significance of the upcoming final match for him, saying, “We need the three points to qualify for the next round. It’s hugely important for us”. This ultimate match for him holds great importance as the eyes of the nation are completely on to him. Sunil Chhetri debuted in 2005 and recently played his 150th match for India in March, scoring against Afghanistan. Regardless of the loss, it was a huge achievement. Throughout his career, he scored 94 goals, making him India’s all-time top scorer and the most-capped player. Globally, he stands third among active players, just behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


An Emotional Farewell To Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri Retirement

As Sunil Chhetri gets ready for his last match, fans and teammates are preparing for a heartfelt goodbye. His commitment to Indian football is unmatched, and his legacy will keep on inspiring people in the future. “These last 15-20 days with the national team are special,” Chhetri shared. “I want to enjoy every moment, knowing the match against Kuwait is my last.”


Looking Forward

Sunil Chhetri Indian Footballer Retired

Sunil Chhetri’s retirement denotes the conclusion of a significant era for Indian football. As he steps off the field, the nation celebrates his achievements and contributions. The match against Kuwait on June 6 won’t simply be another match; it will be a tribute to a legend all legend who has given a lot to the nation.

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