Watch Video: After Lucknow Girl Incident, Bijnor Girl Slaps Random Guy On Road, He Slaps Her Back

Bijnor Girl Slap Guy

Last month, a video went viral in which a Lucknow girl was seen hitting and slapping a cab driver. After this incident, many people raised their voices on how some women take advantage of being a ‘woman’ and do not hesitate in being violent with men. In this Lucknow girl incident, the cab driver did not hurt the woman after being slapped continuously. Another incident of a girl slapping a boy is surfaced online. A recent incident happened in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Bijnor girl slapped a guy thrice before the guy hit her back.


What Really Happened?

In the video, the guy alleges that he was walking on the road when the girl threw a cold drink at him for a prank video. When the guy confronted the girl, the girl started arguing instead of apologizing. Things went ugly when the girl slapped a guy, not once but thrice. The guy could not bear his insult and has decided to give the girl back. The guy slapped the Bijonr girl in return. A crowd gathered and tried to intervene.

The guy was heard saying in the video, “Just because you are a girl, you think you can do anything? Do we guys have no respect?” To which the girl replies, Toh tum ladki ko thappad maroge?” “She slapped me thrice. I’m a teacher,” the guy says further.  Towards the end, the guy says, “Lucknow wala scene na samajhna issue,” after which the girl says, “sorry.”

Watch the video below.

The video is going viral on social media. Many users applauded the guy and wrote that he did the right thing by slapping her back. So what do you guys think? Was Bijnor girl right? Is taking advantage of gender is right? Let us know in the comments below.

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