Watch: Netherlands PM Mark Rutte Leaves Office On Bicycle After Serving For 14 Years

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Bicycle

The Dutch politics witnessed a unique farewell and it is going viral on the social media. The outgoing Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte was seen bidding farewell to the staffers in a unique way. After 14 years in government, Rutte handed over the reins to former intelligence head Dick Schoof, who took oath under King Willem-Alexander’s direction.


Dutch PM Mark Rutte Bids Farewell On A Bicycle

Well, the outgoing PM of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte had the paparazzi running and chasing him as he bade a Dutch-styled farewell to the people on a bicycle. Yes, you read it right! On his way out of the office in The Hague, his staff members waved at him cheering him goodbye.


Dutch Politics

Schoof’s selection indicates a break from traditional politics since he assumes leadership without party affiliation, unrelated to previous political activity. Meanwhile, Rutte takes on the role of NATO secretary-general, a critical post in protecting member states across Europe and North America. This transition occurred concurrently with the formation of the Netherlands’ first far-right government led by Geert Wilders’ party, following a historic election that transformed the country’s political scene.

In his presentation to parliament, Dick Schoof committed to putting first the new government’s aim of decreasing immigration, indicating a crucial moment of both continuity and transition in Dutch leadership and policy. Schoof said,

“The primary concern among these is asylum and migration. This is the crux of the matter, regardless of one’s perspective.” 

In last year’s elections, Geert Wilders’ anti-immigrant party won the most seats, sparking a 223-day struggle to establish a coalition government of four parties. Opposition within the coalition prevented Wilders from becoming prime minister.

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