Wanna Visit Foreign Countries Without Visa? These Places Welcome Indians

Foreign Countries Without Visa Foreign Countries Without Visa


Everyone’s dream is to visit abroad once in a life. But getting visa is not an easy task.

Then how?

These places welcome Indians without visa. So, don’t fret over the places you can’t visit. Make a plan for your next trip and enjoy these places.


1. Nepal




Nepal doesn’t ask you for visa. You can enter Nepal with either passport or any government issue ID card. If you are an adventurous freak and love Himalayas, then you shouldn’t miss this place. The culture of Nepal is something different from others and surely attracts all visitors.


2. Bhutan




The place is called land of happiness. Indians don’t need visa to enter this country. The scenic view surely makes you fall in love with nature again and again.


3. Maldives




It is the place mostly all honeymooners’ prefer. Up to 30 days you can stay here without visa. All you need is a passport and return ticket. It has the world’s best beach resorts that entice you to the core.


4. Hong Kong




The Disneyland welcomes Indians to stay in their country for 14 days without visa.


5. Mauritius




The beautiful country with not just beaches but this island nation is home for wild life, waterfalls, flora and fauna. You can enjoy your stay here for 60 days without visa.


6. Cambodia




Apart from royal palaces, parks, museums, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor Wat is the country’s most popular tourist attraction. Indian citizens can stay here for 30 days without visa.


7. Macau




You can enter one of the world’s richest countries, Macau without visa. The place is called the Las Vegas of Asia.


8. Jamaica




The birthplace of Reggae music and the country with full of sandy beaches, rainforests, Blue Mountains, dolphin cove what’s not; it has everything to keep you busy when you enter Jamaica. If you have passport, that’s enough to enter this place.


9. Fiji




Plan a trip to Fiji which is a land of 300 islands and enjoy as many days as you can without visa.


Pack your bags for the next trip and enjoy the one’s that welcomes without visasmiley


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