Viral Video: A Couple Takes Bath While Riding A Scooter In Ulhasnagar

Couple Takes Bath While Riding Ulhasnagar Viral Video

The entertainment business has expanded dramatically. Consequently, many influencers strive to reach out to audiences through their distinctive ideas, from movies to short reels. But the central question here is whether the notion employed makes it logical in nature. Sometimes reel creators go too far in order to obtain more followers and like, henceforth creating a nuisance. In Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, such an incident occurred.


Viral Video Of Ulhasnagar?

A guy and a lady were caught having a “bath” by dumping water on themselves while driving a scooter in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. The act was supposed to be a comical social media content production, but it did not go over well with many netizens, who henceforth urged action against the pair.

On May 15, the video was shared by a Twitter account called WeDeserveBetterGovt. (@ItsAamAadmi). The video shows the guy and lady parked at a traffic signal in Ulhasnagar’s Sector-17. The woman is seen riding a pillion, splashing water over herself and the man from a bucket placed in front of her. Many commuters laughed as they passed the pair. They are also seen doing the same thing when riding the scooter in the video.

“@DGPMaharashtra@ThaneCityPolice This is Ulhasnagar, Is such nonsense allowed in the name of entertainment? This happened on the busy Ulhasnagar Sec-17 main signal. Request to take strict action including deletion of social media contents to avoid others doing more nonsense in public,” the Twitter account that shared the video said.


Thane City Police Department Responds

Thane City Police responded to the video on Twitter, writing in Marathi, “Your information has been reported to Traffic Control Room, Thane, for necessary action.”


People React To The Video

After the video was shared via Twitter, it got viral immediately. So many people reacted to the video. Some seemed to like it and found it harmless, whereas some wanted the police to take necessary action against the couple.

What do you think about the post? Do you think strict action should be taken against the couples, or is it harmless? Let us know in the comments.

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