Legendary Actor Vinod Khanna Passed Away, Lost The Battle From Cancer

Vinod Khanna



Legendary Actor Vinod Khanna lost the battle from Cancer and died at the age of 70 at Mumbai’s HN Reliance Hospital. He took his last breath at 11:20 AM Thursday on 27th April 2017 and was suffering from bladder cancer.

Vinod Khanna

Born on 6th October 1946, Vinod Khanna was one of the best actors Bollywood has ever got. His personality, magnetism and his natural talent made him the biggest star in Bollywood. A source from the hospital said that "Doctors and family were expecting a recovery but somehow his condition escalated and he succumbed today afternoon". Vinod Khanna featured in around 146 films and was last seen in Rohit Shetty's 'Dilwale' in 2015.

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Amitabh Bachchan was giving an interview for his upcoming film Sarkar 3, left it midway and rushed to Vinod Khanna’s family’s side after hearing the news of his death. 

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Entire Bollywood, along with India are sad to his demise and people are trying to pray for his soul through social medias.



Premiere of Baahubali 2 got cancelled by Karan Johar as a respect to legendary Vinod Khanna.


This lines from Entertales to Vinod Khanna: 'Zindagi to bewafaa hai ek din thukaraaegi, Maut mahabuubaa hai apane saath lekar jaaegi, Mar ke jiine kii adaa jo duniyaa ko sikhalaaega, Wo Muqaddar ka Sikandar Jaaneman Kehlaega' Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.

Vinod  Khanna

You will always be missed,  share your condolence with us RIP Vinod Khanna.


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