Everyone In This Village Has A Date Of Birth As 1st January, Reason Is Shocking




If your birthday and your best friend birthday same, won’t it feel nice? Similarly, if in your family all the persons were born on the same day, how do you feel?

Yes, here in Kanjasa village of Jasra block of Gurpur in Allahabad, the official date of birth of a person's father, mother, grandparents, children, uncle or even the neighbours was the same i.e; January 1.

As bizarre as this sounds but it is a reality. The residents of Kanjasa village mention their date of birth as January 1 in Aadhaar cards. The village which has a population of over 10,000 feels cheated as they had to wait for a long time to get an Aadhaar card.


The village head, Ram Dulari said, "We have been intimated about the wrong date of birth on Aadhaar cards. The error would be corrected and new Aadhaar cards would be issued to villagers soon."

In order to register the Aadhaar card number of each student, teachers of the local government primary school visited the village after finding this error.

Hope the authority sees that this kind of mistakes are not repeated.

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