Viral Video: Security Guard Of Coding Ninjas Company Locked Gate To Stop Employees From Leaving Office

Coding Ninja Locking Employees

A video of Gurugram’s Coding Ninjas Company instructing guards to lock employees out in order to stop them from leaving is becoming popular on social media, and it appears that netizens have taken it upon themselves to assist the worried company’s employees. Continue reading to learn more.


Viral Video

Coding Ninjas Company Security Guard Locking Main Gate

Ravi Handa, an ed-tech entrepreneur, posted a video on his social networking page in which he straightaway questions the company’s guard about the events that are going on.

Furthermore, the viral video reveals the company’s security guard confessing that Gurugram Company management had instructed him not to let anyone go.

“Coding Ninjas” is the name of the Gurugram Company.

Take a look at the video:

In reply to the viral video, the company’s management confirmed that this had occurred in the previous week and assured its staff that it wouldn’t happen again.


Bengaluru Police

Bengaluru Police tweets asking for the specific area details.


People Are Outraged

Netizens were quick to criticize the video, with one saying, “Employee lock-ins are an unfortunate practice that goes against the principles of workplace freedom and employee rights. It’s crucial to promote a healthy work environment where individuals are respected and have the autonomy to flourish.”

Another Twitter user turned out to be saying,” Let’s focus on raising awareness and fostering conversations around employee rights and workplace ethics.”

This is so shocking. Do you believe this is justified? What steps do you think should be taken? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

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