Check Out The Velvet Fabric That Gives You A Royal Appearance

Velvet Fabric

Fashion and clothing enthusiasts know that when it comes to luxury the velvet fabric is unmatchable. This fabric freely gives you a mix of luxury and royal richness that leaves you looking dapper.

So, if you are new to this kind of fabric, we don’t mind giving you some facts about it. These are not only historical facts but cutting edge advantages that will leave your wardrobe with a new touch and feel.


Historical Origin


 Historians believe the Kashmiri, a group of Indian merchants, introduced velvet in Baghdad at around 809 A.D. Later on, velvet was introduced to what was formerly known as the Al-Andalus Empire by Ziryab – a medieval poet.

The Al-Andalus empire now forms parts of modern-day Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, and Andorra. Cairo is credited as the largest producer of Velvet during the era of Mamluk Sultanate at around 1250 – 1517 A.D.


The Nature Of Velvet Fabric

First up, velvet is felt fine and soft on your skin. The softness feel comes as a result of tufted fabric that is woven to form cut threads that distribute evenly. The even distribution results in a soft dense pile that gives it the smooth feel.

Over the ages, velvet fabric has always been made using silk materials. However, the recent past has seen manufactures incorporate cotton materials as well in its production.

Despite its royal rich background and association with the aristocracy, velvet is now a fabric that can be afforded by many consumers. Synthetic and manmade materials in the manufacture of velvet have made this possible. Some of the other materials that make up Velvet include mohair, linen, and wool.



Velvet can be made to produce virtually everything. Some of the materials or items produced from velvet include vests, blouses, gloves, jackets, shoes, dresses and pants.


How Does Velvet Look Like Today?


Velvet is produced through a quite complex and tedious process. This involves a weaving process on a unique loom that generates double layers of Velvet thicknesses in one single time. Velvet was rare and expensive in the early days because of hand-made weavers who could take a long time weaving.

However, as of today, production has moved a notch higher thanks to power looms. Its wear is no longer restricted to the royal class. It’s now affordable and can be worn by different classes of people with a desire for its taste and royal aura.


Current World Production


Though its production began in Baghdad, velvet has spread to other parts of the world. Different producers are now making various velvet types across the world. Egypt, Turkey, India, and China are now the leading world producers. The Democratic Republic of Congo is also another African country that produces Kuba Velvet. The Kuba Velvet is not only of good quality but expensive as well.


Quality And Pricing

Compared to Velvet made of synthetic materials, a silk velvet is way more expensive. A velvet yard made of silk retails between Rs. 5000 -10,000. On the hand, the same velvet yard made of synthetic materials such as rayon could go for less pricing as Rs. 1000.


Velvet Varieties


There are different varieties of velvet fabric used for the manufacturing of different Velvet clothing. To get to know about them, take a look at this velvet list just to mention the common types.

Silk velvet

This velvet is still popular in the market. It’s produced from silk fiber that brings out a soft fabric and gives a good drape to your furnishings and fabrics.

Pane velvet

Pane velvet is a type of crushed velvet. During its manufacture, there is always heavy pressure that is applied to the fabric pile in a single direction. This results in a pattern and texture that feels and looks like the Pane velvet

Plush velvet

Apart from its unique heaviness that results from its longer pile, Plush velvet comes with 100% polyester backing. Its pile is made up of Plush than velvet that covers about 5 CM. The Polyester backing gives it a soft and luxurious feeling


Velveteen is a fabric made of cotton giving its pile a velvet resemblance. Its pile measures up to 3mm long. This makes it superbly luxurious. However, the downside to the long pile is that it makes it heavier than other velvet varieties.

Cut velvet

This velvet is regular but its patterns have been etched into the fabric. Also, it is made of patterns that have been cut out from full uncut loops of the pile. Its fabric is beautiful and gives you a range of patterns including floral designs

Embossed velvet

This velvet can be created from stamping designs on them. It’s mainly used by customers interested in customizing their own floral designs.

The use of velvet sarees is more common in India than any other regions of the world. Indian women adore it and the manufactures of the velvet saree just know what designs to appeal to their tastes. Some of the other cloth materials that are also made from velvet include sherwanis, kurtas, blouses, and Anarkali suits.

The velvet can also be used in the production of ethnic footwear such as the morjis and jootis footwear. The Kuba velvet is the most preferred of all the velvets in the making of velvet sarees because of its uniqueness. To get velvet sarees and similar products online, you want to explore them on online stores such as Stylecaret.


When Should Velvet Sarees Be Worn?

This is no bother for women of Asian origin. However, if you happen to come from other parts of the world such as Europe, you could be lost on when is the best occasion to put the velvet saree. The velvet sarees are won best during weddings, formal parties and other common festivals in India.

To maintain its quality and radiance, it’s recommended that you dry clean it. This is especially important when the velvet is made of cotton or silk material. Make sure to turn the velvet material inside out during cleaning and ironing.


Final Thoughts

The velvet fabric is not like the typical fabric material you know of. If you are in search of a royal look or richly appearance, this fabric suits you best.

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