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Nowadays, eco-fashion is a lot in trend. With each passing day, the world is shifting towards sustainability. As a result, consumers are getting more inclined towards eco-friendly alternatives to help sustain our motherland. Angana Maheshwari, the founder of the new Dubai-based accessories and fashion brand Veganologie, thinks no different.


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You will be astounded to note that Veganologie sells some amazing cruelty-free products. For example, they offer accessories like handbags, wallets, and credit card cases from fully recycled vegan materials.


How Eager Is Dubai For Sustainable Fashion?


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We know that consumers in our home base of Dubai are just as eager for Planet-friendly products as elsewhere in the world.

Talking about the market, Angana shares that “The Dubai customer is ready for more sustainable products. Even though we ship globally, we know that consumers in our home base are just as eager for planet-friendly products as elsewhere in the world.”

Angana saw a gap in the market during the pandemic as she struggled to find the appropriate eco-friendly boxes she required. But, she added, “One positive outcome of the pandemic has been that people everywhere have made conscious choices to live healthier. Both for themselves and the planet.” Thus, she decided to spend lockdown researching how she could make an earth-friendly bag of her own.


Things Used In Making These Vegan Accessories


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“Everything from the Veganologie collection is made from 100 percent recycled materials. The entire bag is recyclable,” tells Angana. Furthermore, she also talks about how their cross-body bags are made from 11 plastic bottles. Wallets are made from four plastic bottles, and cardholders are made from two plastic bottles.

The result of her pondering hard work during the lockdown period has given us a nature-friendly brand. In addition, the prices of these Vegan products are very reasonable. Starting at $50, Veganologie hopes everyone chooses their products for better sustainability.


Are Their Any Unisex Products On Its Way?


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The answer to the aforementioned question is yes. I’d love to expand the brand with a men’s collection and offer some unisex pieces,” says Angana. She has plans for many future products. She adds, “Tote bags or laptop bags are also on the drawing board. Exciting new vegan leathers are being developed all the time. It would be fantastic to create an exotic collection using apple, cactus, mushroom, or even orange-skin vegan leathers in the near future.”

Everyone is happy that Veganologie is soon coming up with men and unisex fashion. We hope everyone will love this newly launched brand with a sustainable fashion approach.

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