Various Reasons Why PUER Floor Cleaner And Dishwashing Gel You Must Have At Your Home

PUER Floor Cleaner

Every day we clean our home. These days our topmost priority is to keep our home free from germs, bacteria, and viruses. Similarly, with utensils, sometimes there is a stinky and pungent smell. We want utensils to be clean, neat, and they should not smell. Many products are available in the market that promises to deliver. Recently, we have used products of PUER, PUER Floor cleaner, and PUER Dishwashing Gel. We have used the products in stinky utensils and dirty floors. Let us tell you, the end output is more than satisfying and the results are pretty much, what we expect. Here is our review of the products.


PUER Dishwashing Gel

PUER Dish Washing Gel

1. Magic Gel

Many times the utensils dry up with food stains and it takes a lot of time and effort to clean them. Cooking utensils, bowls, plates, vessels, glasses, etc. often are left unattended for a long time or overnight with food stains. They dry up over time. These stains like burnt food stains, spice marks from foods eaten last night from the plate, marks of boiled milk on the rim of the saucepan, etc. are tough to be removed.

PUER Dishwashing Gel is high on efficacy. Its natural ingredients are so powerful that burnt and dried-up food stains are removed in just a single swipe and easy wash. After washing the utensils with PUER dishwashing gel, the utensils are purely clean with no food marks left. Also, need to mention that the utensils also shine like new. We recommend you use it to believe it.

2. The Goodness Of Nature

PUER Dishwashing Gel is made from natural ingredients, especially ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients that clean all types of utensils, and leave them streak-free and shining. PUER Dishwashing Gel has zero harmful chemicals in it. It does not contain Paraben, Phthalates, Sulphate, or SLSAs, and therefore ensures that there is no chemical residue left in the utensils after it has been washed, unlike other dishwashing liquids, with which we are always concerned about the product’s chemical content.


PUER Floor Cleaner

PUER Floor Cleaner

The floor is one place that gets dirty fast and first. The floor always has germs. If you have children, they play on the floor, touch them with bare hands, and even gets unnoticed. Most of the time, we look for a product that gives protection from germs, keeps floors super clean, and spread fragrance all over. PUER Floor Cleaner is the product where your search will end.


1. Magic Cleaner

We are often worried about the tough stains that last long. It really becomes a challenge to remove such stains. PUER floor cleaner came as a fighter to remove such stains in one go. It gives clean floors with easy stain-removal properties of natural ingredients. PUER floor cleaner is plant-based and it is tough to find products like this that are made naturally. With the power of natural ingredients, the patches are easily removed. PUER floor cleaner does not have Chlorine, Paraben, Sulphate, or any such harmful chemicals in it, thus making it super safe too! You can even let your children roll on the ground, without a worry!

2. Fragrance

The most appealing property of PUER Floor Cleaner is its natural fragrance. After mopping, the home smells with beautiful fragrance like a fresh garden. The fragrance is mesmerizing and uplifts your mood. In addition, one will not even need to use an air freshener. PUER Floor Cleaner guaranteed clean and shiny floors.

Both the products we have used and honestly we are satisfied with the outstanding results. If you are planning to buy dishwashing gel or floor cleaner, try these products of PUER and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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