What Makes Vande Bharat Express Train Different From Other Trains? Features And Other Upgrades

Vande Bharat Train Features

The Vande Bharat Express train’s color has changed thanks to Railway. Saffron will take the place of blue going forward. According to Ashwini Vaishnav, minister of railways, the tricolor served as inspiration for the new hue. Additionally, the Vande Bharat train has undergone 25 small convenience upgrades. Continue reading to know more about these minor changes. Happy Reading!


Change In Color Of Vande Bharat Train

Vande Bharat Express Train

There are now 25 Vande Bharat Express trains traveling the nation. Two trains have been held back as backups. Saffron has been painted on the 28th train as a test. Currently, this train is housed in the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. This plant produces all trains for Vande Bharat Express.

On Saturday, Ashwini Vaishnav visited the plant. He also examined Southern Railway’s security protocols.


New Feature Introduced In Vande Bharat Express

According to the Railway Minister, this is the Make in India idea. It was created by our country’s engineers and specialists. We have adjusted Vande Bharat trains in response to input from field units.

On Saturday, Ashwini Vaishnav also evaluated a new safety feature called the “Anti Climbing Device.” In the event of an accident, trains will not collide due to this feature. He stated that these essential characteristics will be retained in all Vande Bharat and other trains.


Other Important Modifications In Vande Bharat

Vande Bharat has undergone several significant alterations. Take a look at a few of them:

  • The seat has been upgraded with new cushions, and the angle has been adjusted.
  • The availability of mobile charging stations has been enhanced.
  • The footrest in the executive chair vehicle has been raised.
  • The wash basin’s depth has been raised to prevent water splashing.
  • The toilets now have better illumination.
  • The reading light has been upgraded.


General Coaches Are Being Upgraded

Vande Bharat Express

According to Ashwini Vaishnav, Railways is developing coaches with cutting-edge amenities for users without reservations. People making less money will be able to ride in comfortable, well-maintained, safe trains.


AC Chair Car And Executive Class Fare To Be Reduced By 25%

According to a statement from the Railway Board, the executive class and AC chair car rates on all trains would be reduced by up to 25%. Only trains with less than 50% of seats filled during the last 30 days will be eligible for these reduced fares. These consist of trains with Vande Bharat, Anubhuti, and Vistadome bogies.

Train fares will also be influenced by competing modes of transportation. The Chief Commercial Managers of all Railway Zones have been given authority by the Railway Ministry to implement concessional fare schemes in AC-equipped trains. They will have the ability to set the fare for their individual zones. Other fees, such as the reservation fee, the super-fast surcharge, GST, etc., will be collected separately in this.


No Refund For Already Booked Seats

Vande Bharat Express Saffron Colour

According to the directives of the Railways, the concessionary fare will be effective immediately; however, the money will not be reimbursed to the passengers who have already reserved a seat. The directive clarifies that this plan won’t apply to special trains operated during holidays or festivals.


Seats In June

According to sources, just 29% of the Bhopal-Jabalpur Vande Bharat Express seats were complete in June. The Indore-Bhopal Vande Bharat Express, on the other hand, was just 21% full. The AC chair car price from Bhopal to Jabalpur is 1055, while the executive chair car rate is 1,880.

However, the return fee is different. An AC chair costs rupees 955, and an executive chair automobile costs 1,790. Aside from that, the AC chair cost from Indore to Bhopal is 810, and the executive chair vehicle ticket is 1,510.

What do you think about the changes in Vande Bharat? Would you travel via this express? Tell us what you think in the comments below. We are waiting for your response!

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