Vandalism Targets Chennai-Tirunelveli Vande Bharat Train; Coaches Suffer Damage

Chennai-Tirunelveli Vande Bharat Train

The Vande Bharat Train, symbolizing India’s modern rail excellence, faces a disconcerting wave of stone-pelting incidents. Passenger safety and the integrity of the nation’s railway infrastructure are now at the forefront of concerns. The escalating frequency and chronicle of damages paint a grim picture, prompting heightened alarms. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw’s revelation of a significant financial toll adds urgency to the situation.


Vande Bharat Train Targeted

In a disconcerting turn of events, the prestigious Vande Bharat Express, representing India’s modern rail prowess, has become the unfortunate target of stone-pelting incidents. This alarming development raises severe concerns about passenger safety and the overall integrity of the nation’s esteemed railway infrastructure.


Chronicle Of Damages

February 25, 2023, witnessed a significant blow as six panoramic windows of the first Vande Bharat train in South India were damaged. The incidents persisted, affecting various routes and leaving shattered windows and safety concerns in their wake. From Howrah to New Jalpaiguri, Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram, the Vande Bharat Express has faced an escalating series of attacks.


Vande Bharat Train Economic Strain

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, on July 26, 2023, disclosed a staggering financial toll on the Railways, exceeding Rs 55 lakh since 2019 due to damages resulting from stone pelting on Vande Bharat trains. This revelation emphasizes immediate safety concerns and underscores the economic impact on India’s vital railway infrastructure.


Security Challenges

The persistent nature of these stone-pelting incidents poses a significant challenge to the security apparatus, with Vande Bharat Express trains from Gorakhpur-Lucknow to Ujjain facing repeated assaults. The urgency for a comprehensive response is evident, considering the safety of passengers and the integrity of the Vande Bharat Express network are at stake.


Safeguarding Vande Bharat Train

Odisha Vande Bharat

The stone-pelting incident in Ujjain on October 17, 2023, has prompted an investigation and Railway Protection Force (RPF) case. This marks a crucial step toward accountability and underscores the imperative to implement measures promptly. Securing the Vande Bharat Express network is paramount, safeguarding both passengers and the nation’s valuable railway assets from these recurring acts of vandalism.

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