Planning For Vacations At Rajasthan? You Must Visit Mandawa


Undeniably one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan, Mandawa is housed amongst the arid and rustic Aravallis. Renowned for its grand Havelis and forts that reminiscence the historic era, the place has quickly become one of the popular must-visits of Rajasthan. October to March is the right time to visit Mandawa as it is also the time of the year when the city hosts numerous colorful festivals that are a sight to behold.

I always wanted to explore Rajasthan which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. I was uncertain about the kind of place I wanted to experience in the desert state. After thorough research, Mandawa held my interest and I was very intrigued with the history associated with it. I wanted to visit the place with my friends and after discussing with them, I consulted Saavari, the car rentals, and travel experts to provide me with a viable tariff and plan. Their representative who got in touch with me was very supportive and offered the best package. We were able to book a safe and comfortable Jaipur to Mandawa taxi and as the driver was experienced, we reached our destination earlier than the expected time. Thus, began our one-day outing near Jaipur; our memorable journey to Mandawa.


Travel To Mandawa


There are no airlines and railways that connect Mandawa or Mandu. The nearest airport is Jaipur and the nearest railway station is Mukandgarh. Thus, we planned on meeting at the Jaipur airport and from there decided to make use of an affordable and AC taxi service in Jaipur offered by Savaari to reach our destination.

We made a list of must-visit places in Mandawa. Upon reaching the destination, we checked into a local pre-booked hotel. It is easy to find accommodation in the city and there are several luxury resorts in Mandawa that fall under various price ranges. After about an hour, we headed out for breakfast. Feasting on the famous Rajasthani delicacies topped the list of must-dos for my foodie friends.

Not just Mandawa but the entire Shekhawati region is speckled with spectacular havelis or mansions that showcase mesmerizing painted walls. My friends and I wanted to soak up the awe-inspiring architecture of the havelis. We made sure to visit as many havelis as possible as each was unique depicting the efforts and craftsmanship that has prompted the government and the local people to safeguard and preserve their heritage.


Overview And Daily Activities


Starting with the 100-years old Sevaram haveli we proceeded to the Goenka Double Haveli which is recognized for having two gates depicting monumental fascia of horses and elephants. The exteriors of this haveli are painted with intricate patterns which is a common yet unique feature of the beautiful mansions that have added onto the charm of Mandawa. The intriguing aspect of the haveli is the fact that one can find a range of patterns that are a blend of traditional Rajasthani motifs and European women in their Victorian ensemble.


Next on our itinerary was the Mumuria Haveli that had the paintings of trains, George V and places like Venice. These paintings are believed to be the work of Balu Ram who painted them in the 1930s. Balu Ram is considered to be one of the last working artists in the Mandawa region.

Before winding this awesome one day picnic near Jaipur, we visited the famous Main Bazaar to shop for some souvenirs to take back home. The colorful shops add on to the appeal of Mandawa. Paintings created on cloth and papers along with intricately designed chests and metal utensils are some of the products we purchased from the bazaar. The cabs provided us the convenience of carrying all that we bought and we were able to take them back home as gifts and mementos of our visit to the colorful city.


How To Reach Mandawa – Cabs From Jaipur


The closest airport to Mandawa is Jaipur while the nearest railway station is Mukandgarh which is almost 15 km away. Taking cabs from Jaipur to Mandawa is the only feasible option. Most of the tourists rely on a taxi to Mandawa which actually makes for a joyous road trip. Opting for cabs also provided us with the convenience of commuting within the city with ease.

There are many flights connecting Jaipur with the major Indian cities. After reaching Jaipur, booking a taxi to this place is very easy. You can also pre-book the cabs for a hassle-free travel experience.


Distance And Time Taken

Traveling from Jaipur to Mandawa via NH 52 would take close to three hours as it is approximately 160 km away. The Mukandgarh railway station which is very close to Mandawa has trains frequenting it from the major Indian cities. However, whether you travel by air or train, it is essential to hire a cab to Mandawa from these nearby places.

Our Mandawa experience can be described as a perfect holiday in the picturesque city of Havelis away from busy city life. Also, check out the cheap travel destinations for Indians.

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