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These Unusual And Weird Couples Will Surely Amaze You – #4 Is Unbelievable

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5. Jose Griggs And Jayla Cooper

9 year old girl marries

When doctors told 9-year-old Jayla that she was diagnosed with leukemia and didn’t have much time, she felt bad as it was her dream to walk down the aisle in a wedding gown. But her family fulfilled her wish. She married her friend Jose Griggs, whom she met in a medical hospital, and he was also diagnosed with leukemia. This is really beautiful and disheartening at the same time. Jayla didn’t win with leukemia but she must have left with a smile on her face. They are not one of the weird couples but definitely an¬†unusual one.


6. Paula Gabriel da Silva Barros And Katyucia Hoshino

weird couples

When the smallest woman in the world got married, the news was sure to be made. Paula and Silva are the shortest married couple according to the Guinness Book of World Records and also a cute one. The two met on social media and got married after falling in love with each other. They do not care what people think of them and are both full of life.


7. Ben Brown And Jenna Bentley

Weird couples

A hot model in a bikini with a much older and not so attractive man. Yes, these relationships come in the list of weird couples from the very start. Ben Brown is a millionaire and Jenna Bentley a model of course. These pictures went viral few years back and people started saying all sorts of things. But, love sees no such thing right?

These were some unusual and weird couples from across the globe. They have broken many taboos in the society. One such taboo in the Indian society is live-in relationships. Indians are still not open to its concept. Here, check out the rules of live-in relationships that everyone must know.