World’s First Underwater Ocean Villa To Open In Maldives Deep In The Indian Ocean

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The Maldives is all ready to give its guests the pleasure of sleeping in the sea. A two-story resort villa is being built at a cost of 100 crores at Konard Maldives Rangali Island. Also, one part of it will be on the surface of the Indian Ocean below 16.4 feet in the ocean. It is believed to be the world’s first ocean villa. Its construction is still going on, which will be completed in November this year.

The name of this villa is Muraka, which means coral. This will give the upcoming guests an opportunity to see the Marine Environment closely. GM Stefan Rousseau of Island Resort said that we are excited to give our future guests a unique under Sea Experience in Moraca. Also, there is a lot to expect from this villa. Here’s more about the Villa.


1. Gym, Bar, And Much More

Under the ocean villa in Maldives

There is an underwater bedroom for gym, bar, pool, butler for quarters, a bathtub near the sea and a sea-life to enjoy the seafront. In addition to a room with king size bed, everything in this villa is to the living area and bathroom. Also, spiral stairs are also connected to the upper part of the resort.


2. Bedroom Deep In The Ocean

Muraka resorts Maldives

The hotel’s top level is Sun Facing. It is composed of an area of 550 square meters. While the Underwater section is in the 102 square meter area. Also, the living room, as well as the bedroom, will be at a depth of 16.4 Ft below the Indian ocean.


3. Enjoy The View Of Marine Life In $50,000

Marine life view

This beautiful underwater hotel room will cost around $50,000 per night. This includes your flight to the villa as well as a speedboat for the duration of your stay. 9 guests staying together in Muraka Villa can enjoy Marine Life. It is designed by Underwater Design Specialists MJ Murphy Private Limited.

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