This 12 Year Old Boy Stole Parent’s Credit Card And Went To Bali Alone

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This 12-year-old boy wanted to go on a Vacation to Bali but when his mother refused him to give permission, they got into a fight. After which this boy decided to go on a trip by himself. He wanted money to go overseas so he stole the credit card of his mother from which he booked flights and hotels. When he even convinced his grandmother to give him his passport, He specifically booked the flights which allowed 12-year-olds (minors) to travel unaccompanied.

kid left for bali

At home he told his parents that he was going for some school-related work, he took his scooter and reached the nearest railway station to head to the airport. From there he reached Indonesia Perth. The Airport authorities of Perth asked him for his ID to prove that he was above 12 years of age, on this he showed his school ID and Passport after which they let him off.


When he reached his hotel in Bali he told the hotel staff that his sister was on her way so that they don’t question the boy coming all alone.


His Parents Were Devastated

His parents got to know about his whereabouts when the school authorities called his parents to let them know that he was absent. Then his family started searching for their son calling his friends and other people. They got to know that he has reached overseas where they followed him.

Kid left home

Mother Emma was devastated, she felt guilty for fighting so much with her little boy. According to Emma, her son doesn’t like to hear ‘No’ that’s why he took this step. Emma went on to blame the Airplane authority that let the little boy fly alone.

stole credit card

When this news reached worldwide people started questioning the parenting skills of these parents. Some even questioned that if their credit card was lost and how do they not know it? And some said that it was careless to let the little boy know all the passwords to the credit card and have access to his passport.

This kid is so adventurous!  When I was 12, I couldn’t even go to school bus stop alone. And this boy took a solo trip to Bali. Kudos. Kids these days are way smarter. However, he stole and left without his parents’ consent, which is something terrible. Kids are getting naughtier these days. This 2-year-old kid blocked his mom’s iPhone for 48 years! Yes. You read it right. Wondering how? Read more here.