10 Toughest Exams In The World That Are Not Easy To Pass

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Exams are introduced when Britishers invaded India. They destroyed our intelligent education system and introduced a nasty education system to make a future generation of Indians feel bad about India. This 5th class boy suicide note is proof that how much nasty the present education system is.

That being said,

Well, do you like the exams?

I guess no one likes it.

Children need to cram many useless things into their tiny heads. There is no practical education and intimate knowledge. Everywhere right from school to college, there is only theoretical education. Check the list of Toughest Exams In The World.


Toughest Exams In The World

1. Union Public Service Exam (UPSC) – India


UPSC is one of the toughest examinations in India. Most people spend years of time to crack it. The examinations that come under the UPSC are responsible for filling in positions in Forestry, Civil, and Medical services. Even the National Defence Academy and Central Armed Police forces also recruit candidates through these competitive exams.


2. Gaokao – China


The Gaokao exam is of 9 hours and two days. It is the entrance test that students typically take at the end of their schooling and only about 0.2 percent makes it into the country’s top colleges. Even parents take this exam so seriously that the family reportedly didn’t tell their children if their father dies so that children could focus on their exam.


3. Mensa – Global


Wanna know whether you are a genius or not? Then you can give this a try. Each country has its own Mensa society, but they have no age bar. In fact, the two-year-old has cleared the exam!!


4. Master Sommelier Diploma Exam- United Kingdom


Do you love drinking wine for hours together? Then this test is for you. There are three sections to the exam, namely theory, service, and blind tasting which means gargling and spitting out wine for hours till you figure out which wine comes from which place and in which year.


5. C.A – India


We see how many struggles to pass this exam. No doubt, it is one of India’s toughest examinations that which many candidates only pass after multiple attempts.


6. All Souls Prize Fellowship Examination – United Kingdom


Out of thousands of applications, they pick two people. Yes, just two. The examination is open to Oxford University students and has very strict criteria for applications.


7.  IIT- JEE – India


Some parents torture and force their kids to undergo an IIT examination without knowing their ambition. Because IIT has a brand and they want to see that tag for their children. That fellow has to face many unwanted words from his family if he didn’t pass. It is also one of the toughest examinations in India that some start their coaching from the 7th standard itself. If it started from L.K.G, I don’t know about that.


8. C.F.A – Global


The Chartered Financial Analyst examination has been labeled as the most challenging in the world by Wall Street and conducts examinations in over 170 cities with around 100,000 candidates.


9. C.C.I.E – Cisco Recruitment


It’s not so easy to get into Cisco. The test is conducted to select the Internet solutions experts in their organization and it’s a gruelling 8 hour practical. The test has 2 phases and a sparse 1% clearance rate.


10. L.N.A.T – United Kingdom


They want to have the brightest students for UK’s top law colleges. So, this test is a filter to select the best ones. It was started in 2004 for domestic students but currently, it also applies to foreign students.

There are many genius people. One of those is 4-year-old Ananya. Her story will inspire you to the core.

Did you take up any of these tests? If so, what was your experience? Do you know any other toughest examinations? Share us in the comments.

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