Adieu Torrentz, the  Meta-Search Engine – Torrentz Shuts Down



They built firewall right from the inception in 2003 against other meta search engines. That was before Google came out with the Ranking. Torrentz, the biggest Metasearch engines are lost in the Stonehenge at last. The only consolation is that they survived 13 years, unlike other companies, started around the same time. Incidentally, Torrentz never hosted its search sites. Instead, they banged on Pirate Bay, slightly younger to them chronologically, by linking to metasearch. As luck would have it, the Pirate Bay closed down its operation. And Torrentz is left with no other viable solution to survive. And the closure is just three weeks apart from each other.

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As the loyalty factor increased over the years, Torrentz grew astronomically -perhaps bit unwieldy too. The unexpected and abrupt adieu of Torrentz would make millions sad. And strangely a few would shed crocodile tears as well.

The immediate impact of the closure of the search facility of Torrentz was lurching to the loyal customers. May be like a Phoenix bird Torrtentz would spring back to life. But as of now we have to keep guessing on the mild text in their website "Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines,". Well, the past perfect tense is conspicuous. And the farewell message is crisp " will always love you. Farewell."

Let's us keep the fingers crossed as the ‘survival of fittest' rule applies to the internet related ventures more stringent of late. Well, the line of demarcation between firewall and farewell is thin enough.


You will be missed! 


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