Tierra Young Allen: TikTok Influencer Imprisoned In Dubai For “Screaming In Public”

Tierra Young Allen Dubai

According to several reports, a Houston, Texas trucker-turned- TikTok influencer Tierra Young Allen has been detained in a Dubai jail for the last two months for the serious offense of yelling in public. Do you know about the incident that took place? Continue reading to know more about what happened in Dubai. Good luck with your reading!


The Incident

Tierra Young Allen

Tierra Young Allen, 29, and a friend driving the pair in a rented car were involved in an accident while on holiday in the emirate. But when a rental vehicle business employee grew “aggressive” with her, she shouted back, according to her mother, who spoke to Fox 26 Houston. Officials have allegedly notified Allen, whose passport was taken, that she may face actual prison time for the offense after officials discovered surveillance video of her raising her voice.


TikToker’s Personal Items Were Withheld In Dubai

When the TikTok celebrity and her buddy were driving, their rented car was allegedly involved in an accident. Although neither Allen nor her companion were injured in the crash, the vehicle was confiscated, and the TikToker’s personal goods were taken.

Allen stated that emotions heightened when she returned to pick up her stuff the next day because “the manager was being rude and mean to her.” Allen allegedly directed the manager to quit following the influencer out of the office.


The Tik Toker’s Stance

According to the TikToker, the staffer allegedly reacted by phoning the police and reporting that the influencer was “screaming.” Allen informed CNN, “I felt so scared. I’m shocked that he scared me, I told him to stop, and now the police are telling me I can’t go home,” she said.

She went on to say: “I told them I had a medical emergency and needed to return to the US, but they wouldn’t let me.” “I’ve now found out that the police could keep me here for months while they decide whether to prosecute me, and if they do, I could go to prison.”

Tierra is receiving assistance from Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, who posted about the current predicament on Sunday morning on Twitter. Stirling told Detained in Dubai that automobile rental companies reportedly strive to identify “wealthy foreigners” to force them to pay cash to settle a case and prevent prison time.

Allen would be one of the “wealthy foreigners” reportedly targeted in an extortion attempt in this instance. “The hope is that whomever they perceive to be a ‘wealthy foreigner’ will offer them cash to drop the case,” the CEO explained.

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