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Everything You Need To Know About Thrombosis, Formation Of Blood Clot

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Fitness and health are the most vital parts of our life. Approximately there is 1.6 km of veins in our body, which circulate blood to every body part. If we exercise daily and follow a healthy balanced diet, it would be a boon for all our veins. Strong veins are a sign of a strong body. Sometimes there are blockages in our veins that stop the blood and form blood clots. The formation of blood clots is known as Thrombosis.


What Is Thrombosis?

blood clot thrombosis

Blood clots form a wall on the interior walls of the veins, which stops the blood flow. The clot is known as thrombus. The blockage of blood flow can be caused by vein injury or thickness of a body part (swelling).

Symptoms of Thrombosis

Thrombosis has quite common symptoms which include:

  1. Swelling in ankle, leg, it usually happens on one side
  2. Sudden pain around the calf
  3. The affected area feels warmer than the other
  4. The skin of the affected area turns reddish or bluish


Most Common Types Of Thrombosis

thrombosis blood clot

There are 2 types of thrombosis namely:

1. Venous thrombosis: As the name goes, blood clots form in the vein. Venous thrombosis is the most common type. It is sometimes referred to as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

2. Arterial thrombosis: In arterial thrombosis, the blood clots form in the arteries. It is a fatal health condition as it stops the blood flow to the major organs such as the heart and brain. If the blood clot narrows an intense muscle pain can occur known as angina.



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Thrombosis is mainly due to:

  • Smoking – Nowadays a large number of people are spotted smoking cigarettes. This is one of the primary factors for blood clotting. Due to smoking veins get blocked. Prolonged smoking may result in death too.
  • Prolonged bed rest – Due to long bed rest there is minimal movement in the body. This situation further leads to blood clots. Thus, stretching must be practiced daily by people of all age groups
  • Pregnancy – Pressure increases at the pelvis and legs during pregnancy. So, there are chances of blood clotting.
  • Injury in surgery – Surgery should be performed very carefully by the doctors. There is a high risk of a vein getting cut during surgery. Any harm to any type of veins could cause a serious abrasion to the body.
  • Obesity: Obesity increases the risk of blood clotting. Extra fat around the belly will oppose the blood flow to the deep veins. Obesity also changes the chemical composition of the body leads to inflammation.
  • Inheriting a blood-clotting – Inherited blood clotting is related to genetic tendency. People who inherit blood clots are prone to thrombosis. This tendency is majorly seen after 45 years of age.



blood clot thrombosis

To prevent thrombosis, we need to exercise regularly, and practice stretching, sometimes massage is also quite helpful. Smoking is stopped immediately. If you have a job that demands long hours of sitting you must get up at regular intervals and stretch yourselves.  Apt measures must be taken to prevent thrombosis since it could also lead to heart attacks.



Old age brings a lot of diseases with it. As the body gets older the organs also start to deteriorate. The only way to get rid of these sorts of problems and lead a healthy life is to inculcate healthy habits. Daily exercise and a balanced healthy diet must be followed by every individual. The sooner you start the longer it will last.

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