Third AC Economy Coaches In Over 18 Trains: How It Is Different From Regular 3 AC? Find Out

Third AC Economy Coaches Trains

In India, commuting by train remains fundamental. Indian Railways continues to be the top choice for many people for various reasons, from affordability to a more extensive reach throughout the nation. The Indian Railways have installed new AC-3 Economy carriages that can carry more people in order to provide a reasonable air-conditioned train ride. Continue reading to know the differences between Third AC Economy Coaches and Regular Third AC Coaches.


Third AC Economy Coaches

Third AC Economy Coaches Train

To improve the comfort of passengers and cost, the South East Central Railway (SECR) included brand-new Third AC Economy carriages on 18 trains. The Durg-Bhopal Amarkantak Express, Durg-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express, Durg-Jammu Tawi Express, both Durg-Nautanwa Express trains, Durg-Kanpur Express, Durg-Ajmer Express, and Durg-Udhampur Express are among those that fall under this category. According to the SECR, a Third AC Economy berth will cost 2.5 times as much as a sleeper berth, which is 8% less than a typical third AC carriage. Continue reading to know the differences between Third AC Economy Coaches and Regular Third AC Coaches.


What Is The Third AC Economy Coach?

In a single train, Indian Railways provides a variety of carriages. First AC, Second AC, Third AC, and Sleeper coaches fall under this category. Due to its accessibility and comfort, the Third AC coaches have become one of those travelers choose. The Ministry of Railways introduced the Third AC Economy (AC-3 Economy) coach in 2021 after realizing the third AC (AC-3) coach’s appeal.


What Distinguishes Third AC Economy From Third AC Coaches?

Each compartment on the AC-3 has 6 beds as well as 2 side berths. There are a total of 9 beds in the AC-3 Economy’s 3 side cabins. AC-3 coaches can accommodate 72 passengers, while AC-3 Economy can accommodate 83 passengers. Additionally, the price structure for AC-3 Economy is around 8% less affordable than 3AC Coach.


Noteworthy Characteristics Of The AC-3 Economy

Third AC Economy Coaches

The following are some noteworthy characteristics of the AC-3 Economy:

  • Enhanced and adaptable seat and berth designs.
  • In both the longitudinal and transverse berths, folding snack tables.
  • Each sleeper has its own AC vent.
  • Wider doors for Divyangjan’s entry and the restroom in each coach.
  • Each bunk has its own reading light and USB port.
  • More headroom in the middle and upper staterooms.
  • Systems for passenger data and public speech.
  • Greater fire safety as a result of the use of materials that adhere to EN45545- 2HL3, the international standard for fire safety.
  • Use of CCT.
  • It enhanced the ladder design for upper and middle bunk access.

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