10 Things You Should Never Mention To Your Boss

Things to Never Mention To Your Boss

Things Never Mention To Your Boss

We all have a habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong times. The situation worsens if the wrong things are said to the wrong person, and if that wrong person happens to be your boss, the chances of losing your awaited promotion or bonus get high. In the worst-case scenario, the chances of bidding adieu to your job also increase manifolds. Therefore, there are some things that you should never mention to your boss.

To steer clear of such catastrophic situations and keep your dignity intact in front of the high-rankers at your workplace, we have come up with a list of 10 things you should never mention to your boss. Keep reading to know more about things you should never say to your boss.


1. I Can’t

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When you are new at a workplace, everything is new to you, and you might find certain tasks tough or timing taking to grasp and understand but saying “I can’t” is not the solution. I can’t is a phrase that shows a lack of confidence, and lack of confidence is not an appealing trait when you are talking to your seniors and especially your boss.


2. I Need A Raise

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Making demands for a raise, especially when it has been only a few months since you joined your workplace, is very unprofessional. It is important to be thoughtful about the timing when you think of bringing up the topic of raising your salary. Work hard enough so that it’s appropriate to ask for a raise.


3. I Don’t Know

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I Don’t Know is another phrase that one should always avoid when they are at their workplace and having a conversation with their high-rankers. I Don’t Know a phrase that shows you are ignorant of your work. It shows a lack of seriousness as well.


4. But…


But it is a problematic word. It shows that you do not concede with the other person’s thoughts. Saying but to your boss is a dangerous game that one should never play because anything beyond a but never matters in front of them.


5. I Feel Bored Here

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I Feel Bored Here is a phrase that shows how unenthusiastic you are. Of course, one can feel bored when they live a life of monotony but saying it out loud in your workplace shows your indecency and insensitivity.


6. I Can’t Work With Them

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To have a peaceful and secure job, it is necessary to learn the importance of teamwork. Of course, you might not enjoy working with a particular colleague and want to say, “I can’t work with them,” but it is always better to resist saying so.


7. I Have Too Much On My Plate

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Compiling so many works and projects only happens if you procrastinate doing them. Therefore, it is important to never be lazy at your workplace as it might lead you to say, “I have too much on my plate.” But, on the other hand, you should never forget your priorities and work accordingly.


8. This Is Impossible To Do


No person would ever give you a task that is impossible to do. However, there is always a solution for what seems impossible to do. So please find it and make your boss and yourself proud.


9. That Is Not My Job

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It is important to move out of your shell and do try doing things beyond your comfort zone. It helps you learn about new things. If you say, “That is not my job,” it shows you are unwilling to learn and do new things.


10. In My Previous Job, We Used To…

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Mentioning your previous jobs can be triggering for your boss. However, when you are in a new place, you must work in new ways that appeal to your new boss and colleagues.

These are the things you should never mention to your boss. We hope you keep these things in mind if you are switching off or starting a fresh one for the first time!

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