Eight Things You Must Do If Your Android Smartphone Is Lost, Misplaced, Or Stolen

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These days, life is very much dependent on a smartphone. From kids to elders, we can see everyone playing with a smartphone as if they got some contagious disease. The smartphone has everything, your personal belongings, banking apps, emails, messages, and almost your every secret. The question is what to do if our smartphone is lost, stolen, or misplaced. These are the eight things you must do if your android smartphone is lost, stolen, or misplaced.


1. Call Yourself To Check If Someone Picks Up

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Many of the times we forget our phones at public places and its too late when we realize it. Phone calling yourself using some other phone in this moment lends you a great chance of retrieving your phone as in if a responsible citizen comes across it and coordinates with you.


2. Block Your SIM

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Your phone and SIM are the keys to all your sensitive information and there might be serious consequences in case if it lands in evil hands. So the best effort from your side can be temporarily blocking your outgoing services from your telecom services provider by lodging a complaint.


3. Use Android’s Find My Device To Know Its Location

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One can know the location of their device just if they are logged in to their Google account with their location on. If the above is taken care of, one can easily access the location of the phone by logging in through any other device. All the devices running on android 8 and above support this feature by default In most cases.


4. Lock Your Phone And Leave A Message

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The find my phone option also lets the users to lock the phone and just leave the message for somebody who comes across. The message can be anything that makes it easy for that person to contact you.


5. Erase Your Phone’s Data


This one is yet another option offered by the find my phone feature. The find my phone feature simply has an option to erase all the data on the device. Erasing your phone’s data can be advised only when the owner has lost all hopes of retrieving it or its stolen.


​6. Using The Google Maps Timeline Feature

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This feature can come into play when forgetfulness can be a source of error. The Google maps timeline feature can let the users know about all their recently visited places. This feature can work wonders in most cases and help the user recreate the events and eventually find the phone without any technical support.


7. Block The IMEI Number Of The Phone

IMEI Number

Yet another option that will put you on the safe side is blocking the IMEI no. of your phone. It can be easily done by using the official Central Equipment Identity Register government website. What it will do is stop your phone from making and receiving calls hence not inviting trouble.


8. Filing An FIR


Filing an FIR can prove to be the best decision in a case of a missing phone if implemented before any damage is done. What it will really do is that you won’t be guilty if your phone falls into bad hands and is used to implement illegal activities.

No matter how many ways of retrieving a lost phone exist, one must always be responsible and believe in prevention before cure. Nowadays phones have become the remote controls of our lives, especially after the COVID era. So wisdom lies in being responsible while handling electronic gadgets and following the above backups for all the just-in-case situations.

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