Things You Can Relate To If You Are The Only Girl In Your Friend Group

Being In A Group Adds A Kick To Your Nature

Things Relate Only Girl In Group

Admittedly, gender does not play a part in friendship, as friends are the people whose company makes us feel good. However, there is a slight difference between being in a group of boys and being in a group of girls. Today, we have brought you a few things that you can relate to if you are the only girl in your Friend group.


1. They Make Fun Of Your Boyfriend

Girl in Boys Group

They will find something weird about your boyfriend and they chronically make fun of him. But just for fun, not to hurt your feelings.


2. Always Ready To Toss Relationship Advice

Only Girl In Boy Group Gang

Whenever you try to discuss your love and relationship-related problems. They will listen to you and advise you.


3. They Make Fun Of You

Girl Relationship Advice

If you are the only girl in your friend group, your friends will make fun of the smallest mistake you make.


4. They Do Not Let Anyone Make Fun Of You

Only Girl In Group

If someone other than your squad tries to make fun of you, they will beat him up.


5. People Judge Your Character

Society Issues With Girl

Unfortunately, many people start judging a girl’s character if she has male friends. It is weird but it is what it is.


6. You Do Not Tell Them When You Have Menstrual  Pain

Girl Menstrual Pain

You may think that your friends would be grossed out, but there is nothing like that. There is nothing to be ashamed of.


7. You Act Like A Gangsta When You Are With Them

Rang De Basanti

Wherever you are hanging out with them, you feel secure. Moreover, do not hesitate to punk anyone or try something quirky.


8. Their Girlfriends Are Jealous Of You

Girlfriend Jealous

Some rumors are constantly being generated inside the brain of their girlfriends. They feel jealous of you being so close to their boyfriends.

It may seem weird to a lot of you but if you are the only girl in your squad, you will relate to these things, and these things are something that brings you happiness. What do you say? Tell us in the comments.

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Praneet Samaiya
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