Things All Dog Lovers Would Know To Be True- Can You Relate To Them?


6. Puppy Love

kissing your dog

In the company of others you grimace and groan when your pup gives you those slobbery face licks, but secretly you couldn’t be happier to get puppy kisses. This is true love.


7. Joyful Snapshots

happy photo with her dog

You’d be horrified if anyone ever saw the pictures on your phone because there’s nothing but near identical pictures of your dog. It was a shame you had to delete the photos of granny’s 90th birthday to make space for them, but needs must.


8. Social Media Accounts

social media photo with dog

You’re much more invested in your dog’s social media accounts than your own. Despite only having a small following you upload on their behalf daily. Instafame is surely just around the corner.


9. Cancelling Plans

Being together with your dog

You were supposed to be going to the pub with your mates but it turns out the venue isn’t dog-friendly. You suddenly come down with a cold and have to cancel. What a coincidence. *cancels plans*


10. One With The Family

the dog becomes one with the family

You 100% count your dog as your child. If you have human kids then they are your dog’s siblings, and if you don’t have kids then you don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Well, could you relate any of these points? You want to go to your dog right now, don’t you. Well even if you don’t have a dog well go get one now. It would be the best decision you ever made. Some people are so obsessed with dogs they tend to spend their whole life saving on them. One such dog lover is Ryan Anderson. Take a look at why he is known as the ‘ World’s Biggest Dog Lover‘.