5 Most Terrifying Cases of Alien Abduction

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An Alien abduction means having real memories of being taken secretly against their will by apparently nonhuman entities and being subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures. Most of the scientists and psychologists have time and again questioned the stories of people claiming that they had been abducted by entities from the 4th dimension, due to the lack of any concrete evidence. But there are some stories of alien abduction that prove that other forms of life may have visited our planet to gather information on us humans. Here is a compilation of 5 most famous alien abduction stories:

1. Betty and Barney Hill

According to Hills, the alleged UFO encounter happened on September 19, 1961, around 10:30 p.m. The Hills were driving back to Portsmouth from a vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal. Betty claimed to have observed a bright point of light in the sky that grew bigger and brighter with time.  The mysterious object then rapidly descended toward their vehicle causing Barney to stop in the middle of the highway. Barney claimed to have seen about 8 to 11 humanoid figures in the pancake shaped craft who were peering out of the craft’s windows, seeming to look at him. They tried to flee the scene but were not successful. The Hills then claimed to have experienced the onset of an altered state of consciousness that left their minds dulled. A second series of beeping or buzzing sounds brought the couple to back to full consciousness. They visited a famous psychiatrist who put them under hypnosis. During the hypnosis session both of them revealed separately that they had been abducted by bald aliens with green skin and large heads and that their skin, hair and nail samples were taken. One aspect of the investigation that remains unexplained to this day is that Betty drew a detailed and exact map of a star system which was discovered six years later in 1969. Even after 50 years, this story is yet to proven to be a hoax.


2. Philip Spencer

Philip Spencer, an ex London Policeman had moved to the Ikley moor area of Yorkshire after leaving his job. He was taking some photographs of the moor when he heard a humming sound and saw a strange looking creature, around four feet tall. When Spencer shouted at it, the creature waved at him as if telling him to leave which is when he took a photograph of it. He decided to follow the creature and then noticed a saucer shaped object disappearing from the scene and realized that the humming sound must have been coming from the object and the creature must have been its occupant. He then realized of having lost two hours and started having severe anxiety. He was put under hypnotherapy. During the hypnosis session, he said that he had been abducted by aliens and had to undergo a medical examination. The fact that makes his story more believable is that he never wanted money or publicity and lives tormented by the incident to this day.

Alien Abduction

3. The camping abduction

Four friends Jim Weiner, Jack Weiner, Foltz and Charles Rak had been to a camping trip in Allagash, Maine in August, 1976, during which they noticed a large oval shaped object emitting bright light. Next day when they had gone for a fishing trip, they noticed the object again and the light from the object expanded and enveloped all four of them. This is the last memory they had of the incident before all of them started having weird dreams about creatures with long necks, insect-like limbs and large metallic eyeballs without eyelids. In 1988, twelve years Jack Weiner attended a conference hosted by famous UFO investigator Raymond Fowler where he told Fowler about the incident. Fowler suggested all four of them to undergo regressive hypnosis therapy. During the hypnosis sessions all four of them told about being abducted and subjected to humiliating medical tests. They said that their skin and fluid samples were taken. They even drew the sketches of the creatures they had encountered. Their stories had striking similarities. They were declared mentally stable following medical tests and even passed various lie detector tests about the event, making their story even more credible.

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4. The Pascagoula Abduction

The Pascagoula Abduction is a purported UFO sighting and alien abduction reported to have occurred in 1973 when co-workers Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claimed they were abducted by strange creatures while fishing near Pascagoula, Mississippi. They said that they had been fishing when they heard a whirring sound and saw two flashing blue lights and a smallish oval shaped object hovering over them. Parker and Hickson further claimed that they were conscious but paralyzed while three pale looking creatures took them aboard the object and subjected them to a medical examination before releasing them. They vividly remembered the appearance of the strange looking creatures. They were subjected to various tests but their story could not be proven to be a hoax.


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5. Fredrick Valentich

Freddie was on a training flight in Cessna, Australia when he radioed Melbourne Air Traffic Control that he was being shadowed by an alien aircraft about 1000 feet above him. He said that the aircraft was orbiting his own emitting a blue light and causing his aircraft to run roughly. When asked to describe the aircraft, he said- this is not an aircraft before all communication was lost following a strange metallic noise. A four day 1000 mile search operation ended without any trace of Valentich or his aircraft. Experts and UFO investigators believe that he was abducted by aliens and is with them to this day.


This was our list of reported alien abductions that look real. Did they give you chills? Do you think any of these might be a hoax or do you have any explanation for these incidents? Let us know through comments.

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