Atal Setu: Here Are The High-Tech Features And Technologies Used In Atal Setu, India’s Longest Sea Bridge

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On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened Maharashtra’s Atal Bihari Vajpayee Sewri-Nhava Sheva Atal Setu. Atal Setu is constructed at a whopping cost of Rs 17,840 crore. It is officially India’s longest sea bridge.


Atal Setu Reduces Travel Time

Technologies Used In Atal Setu

Travelers will sigh in relief as Atal Setu reduces the travel time. Atal Setu will shorten travel times from Mumbai to Pune, Goa, and South India. It also offers quicker access to both Mumbai International Airport and Navi Mumbai International Airport. It is interesting to note that Atal Setu would enhance Jawaharlal Nehru Port and Mumbai Port’s connectivity.


Technology Used In Atal Setu ‘India’s Longest Sea Bridge’

Atal Setu Mumbai Bridge
  • Regarding the bridge’s new features, MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee stated that the most sophisticated traffic management system has been installed, and it can recognize fog, poor vision, and cars traveling faster than the posted speed restrictions.
  • Furthermore, Atal Setu’s lighting system won’t harm the aquatic ecosystem. It was built using several technologies that weren’t before employed in India.
  • Experts are calling the bridge an “engineering marvel.”
  • The new bridge has various cutting-edge features and the latest technologies. Jat has orthotropic steel decking that contributes to its enormous spans.
  • In the Atal Setu, river circulation rings have been employed to reduce noise and vibrations to protect marine life.
  • The steel utilized for the building of the bridge is 17 times greater than that of the Eiffel Tower, and the structural steel used is four times that of the Howrah Bridge. Additionally, six times as much concrete was needed to build this significant sea link as was utilized to build the Statue of Liberty (in the US).
  • The bridge is a 21.8 km long strip with six lanes, each measuring roughly 16.5 km over the water and 5.5 km on land.
  • The newly opened bridge would shorten the journey time from almost 2 hours to 15 to 20 minutes, covering the 15 kilometers between Panvel in the Raigad district and Sewri in south-central Mumbai.


Travel-Related Information

Atal Setu Bridge
  • Motorbikes, autorickshaws, and tractors won’t be permitted to operate on the bridge following inauguration since a maximum speed limit has been implemented for cars in order to preserve traffic flow.
  • A passenger automobile will pay a one-way toll of Rs 250 upon the opening of the Atal Setu; rates for return trips, as well as those for daily and regular travelers, will vary.

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