Technical Myths We All Believed In But Are False – Must Read

Browsing In Private Mode Does Not Hide Your IP Address

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The technology has brought a revolution in the history of mankind. Now, we are living in the age of technology and day after day it is introducing new innovations. However, there are also some technical myths which have taken over our brains. Today we would like to bust some of these technical myths.


1. Apple Computers Never Catches Virus

Technical Myths

A lot of the Apple lovers got their mind taken over by the myth that Apple computers are virus resistant. But there are no computers that are immune to the virus.


2. Browsing In Private/Incognito Mode Hides Your IP

Technical Myths

You may think that browsing in the private/incognito mode will hide your IP address. Well, this is not the case as the private/incognito mode means, the browser won’t track your history.


3. Internet And World Wide Web Are Same Things

Technical Myths

World Wide Web (WWW) and Internet are different things. Internet means, the network of networks. Moreover, it is just like a medium to connect networks across the globe.

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