Fascinating Facts About Delhi’s Signature Bridge That Is Set For October

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It is quite known to everyone that people in metropolitan cities experience huge traffic problem. Even reaching 5km distance destination takes several hours. To share the burden of traffic, the government always come up with new bridge constructions, local trains etc… Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal assured that the construction of the much-awaited Signature Bridge on the Yamuna River will be completed by October this year. He also said that the residents of Delhi have been eagerly waiting for the opening of the city’s iconic Signature Bridge.


Signature Bridge In Delhi

It was supposed to be completed before the 2010 Commonwealth Games. A lot of delays and issues bogged the project down. Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, along with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, examined the bridge and was present when the final pylon was installed. Here are eight facts to know about it.


1. It Is The FIRST Asymmetrical Cable-Stayed Bridge In India


In addition, It is around double the height of the Qutub Minar. Yes, the bridge is 675 meters long, and the bow-shaped steel pylon is 154 meters tall.


2. It Shares The Traffic Burden Of Wazirabad Bridge


Futhermore, The new signature bridge will share the burden of traffic that the Wazirabad Bridge is bearing alone. As people travel to and from Delhi and Ghaziabad, there is the severe traffic problem. Once the signature bridge is ready, it will reduce the travel time by at least 30 minutes for commuters going towards the Ghaziabad and Bhopura Border. The bridge connects the Outer Ring Road on the Western Bank, with the Wazirabad Road on the Eastern Bank of the Yamuna.


3. AAP-led Government Took Over This Project To Complete Which Was Proposed In 2004


Yes, the bridge was proposed in 2004 and approved by the Delhi government in 2007. Even though the deadline was set to 2010, the bridge is long overdue. The bridge had obtained environmental clearance in 2011. However, the deadline was revised to 2013 and again to 2015. When the AAP-led government took over, it was pushed to 2017. Delhi government raised Rs 100 crore for the construction, and set a March 2018 as the deadline, before the October 5th deadline was finally set.


4. This Project Will Develop Business And Tourism


As part of the project, the government will develop businesses and tourism as the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation is carrying out the development of the bridge.

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