Tanushree Dutta Was Slapped With Legal Notices From Nana Patekar, Vivek Agnihotri

Tanushree Duttavia

I just don’t know why people are so much interested in knowing about the actors and actress life. After all, they chose a profession called acting for their survival just like others.

Instead of showing interest on these, it would be better if people show interest in their career build up. If you really want to bring some change and do justice to anyone, join some government service and do job sincerely without succumbing to bribe and fear.

All over the country, women are harassed in every possible way. And there is no justice to the common man. People obviously won’t raise their voice when something happens to the common man. But if some actor or actress involved in that, people show much interest in that. And yes, these TV news channels highlight these issues for their personal benefit by repeatedly showing the same issue again and again.

Tanushree Dutta who is an Indian model and actress made alleged revelations about veteran actor Nana Patekar all the way back from 2009. Many celebrities have chosen to avoid commenting on the scandal.

The model has been slapped with two legal notices from Nana Patekar and her Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets director Vivek Agnihotri.

What Happened?


The actress had alleged that Vivek made an indecent demand of her while shooting a song for the movie. Her co-stars Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty had then come to her rescue and defended her.

Responding to the notices, Tanushree said,

I have been slapped with two legal notices today. One from Nana Patekar and another from Vivek Agnihotri. This is the price you pay for speaking out against harassment, humiliation, and injustice in India. Both Nana’s and Vivek Agnihotri’s teams are on a smear campaign against me by constructing outright lies and misinformation on social media platforms and other public platforms. Their supporters are coming ahead and weaving damming allegations against me even shouting at the top of their voices at press conferences.

She alleged that two unknown men attempted to get into her home


Today while I was at home and the police personnel posted outside my home were on a lunch break two unnamed suspicious individuals tried getting into our home uninvited but were stopped just in time by security personnel in the building. Later the police came back from their break and secured the premises again. Violent threats are being issued against me by the MNS party.

She Expresses Her Grief By Saying That Her Whole Life Goes Waste Awaiting Justice

I’m being threatened to be dragged into the court and legal system of India which we all know can keep a woman and her supporters as well as media silent on the pretext of “matter subjudice” but can also further be used to harass her and drain her out financially. “Tareek pe Tareek pe tareek” and the dawn of justice never arrives and her whole life goes waste awaiting justice while witnesses are intimidated, discredited or simply drained of their will to stand up.. False witnesses supporting perpetrators conjured up to further weaken her case. Court cases can run for decades without a hope for a conclusion. At the end an empty shell remains, broken hopes, A life wasted, defeated. This is the age-old saga of survivors in our nation.


I walked away once from the same environment that was created for me 10 years ago. Found God, found my healing, found my peace and a new life in the United States of America. And now I stand to lose this new life too if I allow myself to get embroiled in the court system of India. And you wanted to know why the “me too” movement hasn’t happened in India…This is why…

The Official Apology From CINTAA

The issue came to light again, when the Cine and TV Artists’ Association (CINTAA) issued an official apology to Tanushree Dutta on 3rd October 2018.

Even though Indian actors request journalists to ask questions that are related to their profession, they ask questions controversial that involve people from their industry. Some of the recent examples are Saroj Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, regarding Sri Reddy.

And now Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitabh Bachchan response to Tanushree Dutta’s allegations on Nana Patekar during the trailer launch of his upcoming movie ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ shocked movie buffs.

And he said, “Neither my name is Tanushree nor Nana Patekar. So, how can I answer your question?”.

Netizens criticized him for not taking a stand.

I just don’t understand why media and people blame other celebrity by pointing to some dialogue.

People need to remember that they are doing acting for survival. And the dialogues they say in movies are not their real dialogues or behavior. People after watching any movie or serial think that actors real behavior is also like that. They say any dialogue as part of their acting profession in the movie.

During a recent press meet for the MTB Arunachal Race, this is how Salman Khan replied to comment on the allegations by Tanushree Dutta.

Instead of giving support to Tanushree, he said, “let’s see what happens”. The worst part was that the actor went onto crack a joke about it to avoid further questions on the issue.

Every profession has its own advantages and disadvantages. And in acting and modeling profession, woman are targeted more.

What do you think? Will she get justice? Share us in the comments. Holiday homes of Bollywood celebrities are like a dream. Check out.

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