Tanjin Tisha, The Private Drunk Dancing Video Of Bangladesh Actress Is Viral On Internet

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Film personalities are frequently subjected to scrutiny from the public, whether in India or elsewhere. As a result, actors are commonly placed in adverse positions, resulting in significant controversy. One such instance has made headlines in our neighboring country’s film industry, known as Dhallywood, which is based in its capital, Dhaka. Tanjin Tisha, a Bangladeshi actress, came under fire when a private video of her went public earlier this week. Continue reading to learn more.


Why Is Tanjin Tisha Being Chastised?

Tanjin Tisha

Earlier this week, a video of a Bangladeshi actress called Tanji Tisha became viral on the internet. She may be seen dancing in a lift and appears to be inebriated. She is frequently observed uttering curse words, most of which are s*xually predatory. Tanjin faced backlash from social media users when her private footage was released from actress Sariful Razz’s Facebook page. Tanjin, meantime, has given a long statement on the situation.

The actress was in the United States for a series of events as things worsened, and she was oblivious to the problem in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, in her clarification, Tisha was surprised at being attacked because of the 6-year-old viral private film of three friends enjoying quality time together, which has suddenly become contentious.


What Tanjin Tisha Has To Say?

Tanjin Tisha Viral Video

Tanjin came to Facebook after the clip caused a stir. She declared that because the video was private, she wasn’t required to explain it. Tanjin stated,

“But I would still request you not to judge me based on what you have seen in the videos. Everybody has a private life.”

She continued,

“Please keep my personal life separate, and I urge you to judge me as an actor because I want to be remembered as an artist.”

Tanjin went on to say that distributing someone else’s private video without their permission is a felony and violates their right to privacy.

“I have decided to file a lawsuit against those who leaked my video on social media. I don’t want to say anything else right now.”, she says. But, she continues, “I will take my stance in accordance with the laws.”

She went on to add that she would pursue legal steps and reveal the individual who is attempting to smear her reputation.


Contentious Viral Video

Tanjin Tisha viral video

Tanjin Tisha seemed inebriated in the viral video. She danced inside a lift with other actors, Nazifa Tushi and Sunerah Binte Kamal. She is also shown mocking her friends and using filthy language. Since then, the viral clip has garnered a lot of critiques. Bangladeshi netizens have expressed their utter disbelief at the awful happening. Sunerah Binte Kamal also claimed that actor Sariful Razz’s wife, Pori Moni, may have released the footage from his Facebook profile to harm her image. Surprisingly, all of the videos and photographs were removed following the outcry.

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