An Inspiring Revenge Story Behind The Formation Of Iconic Taj Hotels

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Taj Hotels is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. The chains are offered by the Indian Hotels Company, South Asia’s largest hospitality company.  Whoever experienced the Taj Hospitality for sure will recommend it as a must-visit place.

Recently, Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy, acknowledged Taj Hotels’ quality and hospitality. It rated Taj Hotels as the Strongest Hotel Brand in the world.

There were several stories from different people about why Tata opened the Taj hotel. However, one of the stories reveals the reason behind the foundation of India’s iconic hotel. That interesting story is coming next.


Revenge Story Of Jamsetji Tata

JamsetJi Tata

Once Jamshetji Tata was refused an entry at the Watson’s hotel. The hotel permitted only white people. After that incident, he decided to open a hotel. He took this racial discrimination as an insult to whole Indians. So Jamsetji Tata built a hotel which is not only for Indians but also foreigners who could also stay without any restriction. This is the story behind the formation of India’s first luxurious hotel. Today Taj is iconic and attracted people around the world.


Foundation Of Taj Hotel

Taj Hotel Old Pic

“Diamond by the sea” – the Taj Mahal Palace is an architectural jewel in the financial capital, Mumbai. Jamshetji Tata took the first step for the foundation of the Taj in 1898. The hotel opened to the guest for the first time on December 16, 1903. Even the foundation for the Gateway of India was not laid at that time, and it happened on March 31, 1911. It is situated in Colaba, next to the Gateway of India. It is used to be the first sight for ships reaching the Bombay port. Taj Mahal Palace was the first place in Bombay to be lit by electricity.

The Taj hotel consists of two different buildings: the Taj Mahal Palace and the Taj Mahal Tower. They both are architecturally and historically different from each other. The Taj Mahal Palace was built at the start of the twentieth century, while the Tower was opened in 1973.


History Of Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Hotels, Mumbai

The hotel has a long history of notable guests visit, such as presidents, captains of industry, and show business stars. In addition, Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s second wife, Ratanbai Petit, lived in the hotel during her last days in 1929. Sylla Tata, who had been born into the Tata family, was the sister-in-law of Ratanbai Petit. She is the sister of J.R.D Tata, who was the longest-served chairman of the Tata Group.

During World War I, the hotel was converted into a military hospital with 600 beds. It has been considered one of the finest hotels in the East since the time of the British Raj. Unfortunately, the hotel was one of the main sites targeted in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.


Recognition Of The World’s Strongest Hotel

Taj Hotels

Despite the loss in the 2008 Mumbai attack, it rebuilds itself. Now, the Taj luxury hotel chain scored well in Brand Finance’s ‘Global Brand Equity Monitor’ for consideration, familiarity, recommendation, and reputation, mainly across its home market, India.

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