Swati Maliwal Responds To Arvind Kejriwal’s Call For Fair Investigation In Alleged Assault Case


In an emotional new development, AAP MP Swati Maliwal has furiously responded to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s first public comment on her assault allegations. Here is the scoop on the controversy that is shaking the political scenario.


Kejriwal’s Statement On The Assault Case

Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM Arrested

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal at long last ended his silence regarding Swati Maliwali’s case. He said it requires a fair and unbiased investigation. In an interview, Arvind Kejriwal emphasized that the case is “sub-judice,” and his remarks are restricted to abstaining from the ongoing legal proceedings. He stressed that a fair result ought to be given and made a note that there are two versions of the controversy that need intense investigation.


Swati Maliwal’s Fiery Response

Swati Maliwal

Swati Maliwal didn’t hold back. She took to social media to express her disbelief at Arvind Kejriwal’s call for a fair investigation. Swati Maliwal accused the AAP leadership of sending off a smear campaign against her. She wrote,

“After unleashing the entire army of leaders and volunteers at me, calling me a BJP agent, assassinating my character, leaking edited videos, victim shaming me, roaming around with the accused, letting him re-enter the crime scene and tamper evidence and protesting in favor of the accused, the Chief Minister, in whose drawing-room I was beaten up, has finally said that he wants free and fair investigation in the matter. Irony died a thousand deaths. I don’t buy this one bit.”

Swati Maliwal alleges that Bibhav Kumar physically assaulted her during a meeting at the Chief Minister’s home. Bibhav Kumar, who has been arrested and is under police custody, is alleged to have kicked Maliwal in the chest and stomach and attempted to tamper with proof.

Also, Swati Maliwal claims there is immense pressure inside AAP to discredit her, including threats of leaking personal photographs and making derogatory public statements. Know more about Bibhav Kumar’s arrest.


Political Repercussions

Swati Maliwal Case

The claims have set off a political storm, with BJP and Congress leaders criticizing Arvind Kejriwal’s handling of the situation. BJP president JP Nadda and Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena have both condemned Arvind Kejriwal’s silence. Therefore questioned his obligation and responsibilities to women’s safety. So remain tuned as this political drama unfurls and for additional reports on the most recent news.

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