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What would you call a baby who is just 4 months old but has already survived a life clenching 12 hours heart surgery and 6 cardiac arrests? Isn't that baby a survivor in its literal meaning? Vidisha, a 4 months old baby girl to a couple based in Mumbai has proven herself as a true Survivor baby. Vidisha was born with a fatal defect in her heart, for which she had to go through a really long surgery to get over. But, things were not that easy for this little champion as she suffered 6 heart attacks just after that.   

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Vidisha D/O Vishaka and Vinod waghmare have been in the B J Wadia Hospital located in parel for last 2 months. She is famous with the name of miracle baby amongst the hospital staff. Vinod and Vishaka were a middle-class couple, who could just manage Rs. 25000 against the bill of Rs. 5 Lakhs but thanks to the good people alive in this world who donated rest of the amount.  

As told by the Survivor baby mother Vishaka, it all started when the baby was merely 45 days old; when she started to vomit after her mother fed her and fell unconscious, thereafter. Her parents shook her awake but it took no time for her to go unconscious again. By now, the whole family was in the state of shock and they took her to the nearest nursing home where they advised them to take Vidisha to B J Wadia Hospital.  

After all the required tests were done, doctors discovered that Vidisha, the survivor baby was suffering from a heart defect which is popularly known as 'transposition of the great arteries', which indicated that the connection between the aorta and pulmonary artery are switched. "Basically, her heart's anatomy was opposite as of a normal heart", precised Dr. Biswa panda, pediatric cardiac surgeon at Wadia Hospital. He is the same doctor, who conducted her surgery on 14th of march. 

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After the surgery, there were improvements in her heart's condition but no notable changes were there in her weak lung's conditions. Dr. Panda later explained the condition and said, "Correction for the transposition of the great arteries should be done immediately after birth. Else, like in Vidisha's case, the poorly formed lung got used to a certain pattern and couldn't adjust to the sudden correction,"  The Survivor baby has been in the  ICU for 51 days after the big surgery, where she suffered cardiac arrest six times due to this imbalance in her body. The hospital had to use a high-frequency oscillatory ventilator for Vidisha's lungs to stabilize.

Another pediatric cardiac surgeon of Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Dr. Suresh Rao appreciated the efforts of the team that treated Vidisha by saying, "This seems to be a rare case. I have come across cases where a child required the high-frequency ventilator after surgery and they have done well." Also, CEO of B J Wadia Hospital, Dr. Minnie Bodhanwala was happy with the achievement, said, "We toiled for three years to get a cardiac surgery department to help underprivileged children with heart disease. It feels good that our objective is being met." 

Let's just pray for Vidisha- the real survivor baby, as much as possible so that she can get healthy and strong, soon. Doctors might discharge her from the hospital in a couple of days. Yes, miracles happen and also, humanity is still alive in this world. 

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